EagleFiler Screenshots

Import via Capture Hotkey, Drop Pad, Quick Entry

Press F1 to import or Option-F1 import and add metadata all in one go. Drag onto the Drop Pad to import into EagleFiler, or use it to open a different library. Press Shift-F1 to create a new text or RTF file and add metadata all in one go.

Main Window, Multiple Libraries

EagleFiler Main Window Each record can have multiple tags, and tags can have abbreviation symbols and colors. Open multiple libraries at once and quickly switch between them.

Searching Mail and Encrypted PDFs

First-class support for archiving, searching, and viewing e-mails. Use the instant, live search from within EagleFiler’s main window. Search to find the right document, and EagleFiler also highlights the search term within it.

Info, Tags, Tag Cloud

The Info inspector lets you add metadata such as tags, notes, and colored labels. Create as many tags as you want and assign colors and symbols so that they stand out. The tag cloud shows a compact view of the current tags and lets you toggle them by clicking.

Smart Folder Conditions and Actions

Create smart folders with nested conditions. Assign actions that EagleFiler will apply when you drag and drop onto a smart folder

Preferences, Activity, Batch Change

EagleFiler’s Preferences EagleFiler does most of its work in the background so as not to interrupt you. Quickly change the metadata for multiple selected records.

Open Library Format

EagleFiler libraries use an open format: regular files and folders in the Finder.