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6.3   Quick entry

Press this hotkey to bring up a dialog for creating a new file. You can enter the text content of the file and set the metadata (label, tags, notes, etc.). The Format pop-up menu lets you choose whether to create a Rich text (RTF or RTFD) or plain text (UTF-8) file.

quick entry

Pressing the Reset button clears the metadata and sets the folder so that EagleFiler once again imports into the Unfiled source.

There are keyboard shortcuts for choosing the library (Command-1), folder (Command-2), Label (Command-3), Reset (Command-K), Cancel (Command-. or Escape), and Save (Enter or Command-Return). Once the folder menu is open, you can select a folder by typing the first few letters of its name. You can switch between the Metadata and Text tabs using Control-Tab and Control-Shift-Tab.

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