EagleFiler Bookmarklets

A bookmarklet is a special kind of Web browser bookmark that performs an action instead of taking you to a Web page. EagleFiler provides bookmarklets that let you import the current page. For example, you could put a bookmarklet in your browser’s bookmarks toolbar. When you click the button, the browser will send EagleFiler the URL of the current page, and EagleFiler will create a Web archive of it. (You can also use System Preferences to assign keyboard shortcuts to your bookmarklets.)

To install an EagleFiler bookmarklet, drag one of the links below into your browser’s bookmarks toolbar or bookmarks window:

The “Options” bookmarklets bring up a dialog where you can set the destination folder, label, tags, notes, and other metadata.

Most users prefer to use EagleFiler’s capture key or capture with options key instead. Nevertheless: