Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy and collect as little data from you as is reasonably possible. We never sell, rent, or give away your data to anyone. None of your data is subject to automated decision making. Please contact us if you have any questions about this privacy policy or need to update any of your information.

Order Processing

We rely on reputable companies such as Paddle, FastSpring, and Apple, to process orders. They have their own privacy policies. When placing an order with Paddle or FastSpring, you may need to enter your name, e-mail address, billing address, and phone number. The address and phone number are only used for fraud prevention; we will not send you anything in the mail or call you. We receive this billing information via a secure connection and store it on our server in order to help identify you if you contact us to look up your serial number or request information about your order. We never have access to your credit card or bank account number.

Version Checking

Our applications have a Software Update… feature to automatically check for new versions. This is enabled by default, but you can opt out by unchecking Check for updates automatically. If enabled, the software will periodically contact our Web server over a secure connection. It transmits the following information to the server: the name of the product and its version, the version of macOS, the kind of Mac and processor, whether the application has been purchased, the name and version of the current mail program, the values of certain esoteric preferences, and the name of the current language. This information is used to guide future product development. No personal information is transmitted.

Instead of the Software Update… command, applications purchased from the Mac App Store have a similar feature to check for news about the application. You can opt out by choosing Check for News… from the application menu and unchecking Check for news automatically.

Web Site

Our Web server uses standard Apache logs to record visits to the site. The logs record the date and time of each request as well as the IP address and the version of the application making the request. This information is not personally identifiable. We use the IP address to maintain the security of our systems against fraud and abuse. Apache logs are retained on the server for 40 days.

We do not use any third-party Web analytics services or JavaScript trackers.

You can optionally create an account in our user forum. This requires your e-mail address and password. The e-mail address is never published online; it’s only used to administer your account and to send you notifications from the forum. The password is never disclosed to us and is only stored in hashed form. If you ask the forum to remember that you are logged in, it will use a cookie to do this. Any information that you choose to post in the forum will be visible for anyone to see. You can delete your forum account at any time. For more information, see the forum privacy policy.

E-mail Mailing List

Each product has a mailing list to notify you of new product versions and important support issues. We never disclose your address to anyone. The mailing lists are double-opt-in, meaning that we only send you e-mails if you request to subscribe (by checking the box when placing an order or by using the sign-up form) and also click a confirmation link. This prevents anyone from signing you up without your consent. Each message includes a link at the bottom to unsubscribe.

Crash Reports

If one of our applications crashes, it will bring up a window to submit the macOS crash log file to us. All the information to be sent is shown in the window. You can opt out by clicking the Cancel button. If you enter your e-mail address, it will be included in the report, and we may contact you in order to help debug the crash. The crash log does not include any personally identifiable information but may contain the name of the file the application was working with when it crashed, in order to help isolate the cause of the crash.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing great customer support for our products. In order to help you, we may ask you to send information such as screenshots, logs, or other data files that help pinpoint the problem. Each application has a feature to help collect some of this information and save it as a diagnostic report file. You can review the contents of the report before sending it to us. When you contact us to get technical support, the e-mail and attachments are stored on our mail server (for a time) and in our encrypted local support archive (permanently). We have previously used third-party hosted help desk software such as Manuscript but are not currently doing so. When you provide us personal information or data for technical support purposes, we only use it to answer your questions and to make improvements to our products. We do not share it with any other customers or companies without your permission. For example, if you send us a PDF file that causes macOS to crash, and we want to include it in a bug report to Apple, we will ask you first.