Lost Your Serial Number?

No problem. Just enter the e-mail address that you used to make the purchase, and we’ll send you your order information.

Note: You do not need to look up your SpamSieve 2 serial number to upgrade to SpamSieve 3. If you try to enter a SpamSieve 2 serial number into SpamSieve 3, it will say that “you have a valid license for a previous version” but reject it (because it’s a paid upgrade). After you purchase the upgrade, we’ll send you a new serial number for SpamSieve 3. You can purchase the upgrade manually, but the easiest way is to go to the Purchase window in SpamSieve 3 and click the Check Upgrade Options button. The app already knows your old serial number, so it will automatically get you the upgrade discount. After upgrading, you can enter your new SpamSieve 3 serial number to take it out of trial mode.