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At last! SpamSieve

GyazMail has reached perfection!

user review from VersionTracker

Finally! I can give [GyazMail] the full 5 stars!

Well, spam filtering was the only thing that was preventing me from giving it the full 5 stars. Note that I am rating it as a POP client only

As typical, they spam sieve integration is tight, non-intrusive, and elegant. Well done! So far this client has been pretty rock solid.

user review from VersionTracker

I have had good performance with SpamSieve and not a single piece of Spam get through your filter to bug me. RESULTS:

Filtered Mail
61 Good Messages
852 Spam Messages (93%)

SpamSieve Accuracy
3 False Positives
0 False Negatives (0%)
99.7% Correct

82 Good Messages
988 Spam Messages (92%)
62713 Total Words

Showing Statistics Since
6/28/04 7:36 AM

The best thing-speed. You filter window loads quickly and the Blocklist which stays large thanks to volume of incoming Spam, is easily scrollable. The competitive program-Spamfire-is way too slow to load it’s filter set for editing. The filtering operation seems to get bogged down too because of this, added to the bandwidth issues of sending e-mail back and forth to get reloaded into my mail client.

The main problem I have with the other guys, though, is accuracy. I used it for about three months, saw lots of Spam getting through the filters, got excuses from them, double talk and no improvement. That lead me to SpamSieve. Ahh!

With SpamSieve after a week, its still no Spam leaks. Though there have been a couple of e-mails trapped in the filter (false positive I guess you call it, I can’t keep the nomenclature straight), that’s not a bad thing! IMHO, I’d rather not see Spam, go get a couple of e-mails that get stuck occasionally, rather than the other way round.

The only negative in Spamsieve-importing good messages for training is somewhat harder in Gyazmail, than expected [This was addressed in GyazMail 1.2.1 —MT] but so far extensive good e-mail importing has proven unnecessary.

I paid for both programs, gave them both a fair shot, and still have about eight months to go on the other’s filtering subscription. With SpamSieve, I need no subscription apparently. So I’ve uninstalled the other program, filtering and all. That should be your highest praise. Hopefully you’ll continue development of better filtering as the need arises and new products along the way as well.

Please accept my thanks and appreciation.

You may quote me as long as you do so completely.

Henry Seiden
via e-mail

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