SpamSieve Testimonials (Apple Mail)

Words cannot express my gratitude.

I just deleted from my Mail spam folder 6,580 items that had accumulated just since last November (5 months-worth).

SpamSieve so rarely makes a mistake that it’s counterproductive for me ever to review its actions anymore. And I don’t.

Before SpamSieve, I was constantly angry at e-mail time. Now I don’t care how much spam I get, because I never see it.

I know I sound so amazed you might not take me seriously. But try it yourself. You’ll see.

user review from VersionTracker

I don’t know what others experiences have been with your product but I can’t believe how easy to set up and use it is! Not only is the installation easy but the effectiveness of weeding out the B.S. spam is dare I say 100%.

Douglas Noblie
via e-mail

Just a note to thank you for this program. I believe, having done a short calulation, that during the time I have had your program you have saved me around 45 8-hour work days—the time I have not had to spend every day fussing with spam.

Ed Starkie
via e-mail

SpamSieve is the best software I’ve ever bought!!

Paula Doherty
via e-mail

I was drowning in spam in my inbox and I was using Apple Mail’s Junk Filter. I installed SpamSieve and now spam is no more! SpamSieve has saved my email inbox and it’s SO GOOD-I stopped using Gmail’s spam filter and SpamSieve is still kicking.

I want this as a testimonial to you and your product. Thank you for walking me through and solving a spam issue that has been interfering with my business. Just by changing some settings…hopefully I will not be asked for “booty calls” any more, and I can resume a dignified business e-mail account.

Susan Kleiman

Firstly - a huge thank you. My spam rates had skyrocketed over the last couple of months. I was receiving somewhere in the region of 20 per day, up until about 18 hours ago - which coincides with when I installed SpamSieve. I haven’t received a single piece of spam since. Not a single false-positive either.

Your team has put together one of those rare solutions that works PERFECTLY, and for the life of me I can’t understand why Apple hasn’t bought you and made this the default spam solution for Macintosh! This morning I read an article about how a bug in iOS6 is leaving the “Do Not Disturb” feature activated on iPhones - but that the bug should only affect the first week of January. Apple could do with some of the magic your team is apparently capable of.

J. Poynter

It’s hard to believe how much better SpamSieve is at trashing junk mail then Apple’s Mail.app junk mail filtering. I’d been training that thing for 6 months and it never could figure out what was junk and what was not. SpamSieve is doing better in 2 weeks then Mail.app did in 6 months. Thank you.

Dan Walker

I’m day one into the free trial of Spam Sieve and can’t believe it. I have been using domain level SPAM filters with the Junk Mail filter in Apple Mail for years. I still get 600 SPAM emails a day compared to 30 real emails a day. After training Spam Sieve with 300 emails (65%/35%), I have not received one, not one, Spam email in my Inbox. Also, not one real email was put in the Spam folder. This is saving me so much time and I won’t dread checking my email everyday.

I hope this keeps up! It’ll be the best $30 spent for computer software.

Mike Cannell

Many thanks for your feedback and support. This is one of the reasons why I love SpamSieve. One of the best Mac utilities on the market. You can quote me on that.

Roger Adams
via e-mail

SpamSieve is a masterpiece of software engineering: effective, well-integrated with Apple Mail (and others) and versatile. But the jewel in the crown is Michael Tsai’s pleasant support. I know he’s busy so I don’t contact him often, but when I do, I get quick, succinct, thoughtful, on-point solutions to any “tweak” I might want to make.

Steve Steinitz
via e-mail

I’m very impressed with SpamSieve. The Apple Mail junk filter was catching from 90-95% of my spam and SpamSieve (after just 2 days) is more than 99.5% accurate. Your help manual is exceptionally readable and I appreciate all the customization options. Kudos to you on great software!

Larry Baker
via e-mail

I just have to say—I have been using SpamSieve for at least six years (maybe a little more). Every time Apple rolls out a new version of the OS or after I do a clean install, I think, “I’ll give mail.app’s junk filtering another shot…”

I’m always back to SS within two days :-)

I’ve got an old (but important) e-mail address that has been ‘out in the wild’ since the mid-90s and it just gets pounded with spam. SpamSieve just bats it all away, I hardly ever think about it.

Great product—SpamSieve makes my life easier.

Nathan Williams
via e-mail

This thing is freakin’ amazing. I’ve used the same address since 1997, back when I didn’t think about being careful when giving my address out. I get around 3,000 SPAM messages a week. …a week! I was using Gmail for a while but decided I’d rather host things myself. I can’t believe how accurate SpamSieve is. A few false positives here and there but it’s learning like a little genius.

I can’t thank you enough! … It’s so good I would pay $300, $30 is an absolute steal.

Trev Copland
via e-mail

Thank you for such an awesome product. I’ve been using it for years—and hope to keep doing so for years to come.

Lisa Wendt
via e-mail

Just wanted to say after using this product for a while now that it is great, and it’s one of the best purchases I have ever made for my Mac.

Dave Carroll
via e-mail

Great product. With 20% of my messages spam, and Mail.app’s inbuilt filter struggling to identify half of that, SpamSieve has done great in the trial period buying was a no-brainer. Thanks.

comment when placing order

I was a tad skeptical at first…but, I must say that this is by far the best application I’ve stumbled upon for my Mac! My “spam” went from 30% filtering into my inbox using the Junk mail feature on my Mac Mail program…to 0% using SpamSieve!!

Awesome—just plain awesome!

Layne Kulwin
via e-mail

After weeks of suffering this onslaught of jelly-coated compressed packinghouse scraps, I bought a copy of Joe Kissell’s Take Control of Spam with Apple Mail. As you know, Joe is a big fan of SpamSieve. Reading his book convinced me to try it.

It is a mere 18 hours later, and once again Life Is Good. Thirty day demo? For me, thirty hours would have been enough. I’ve already registered.

From the bottom of my inbox, thanks.

Ron Risley

I was so discouraged and frustrated by all the junk and spam that came into my mail box every day, I was getting to the point of hating to check my e-mail. I tried the filters on my ISP—it did little good. I tried the Junk Filter in Apple Mail… it worked better for awhile but eventually I was still getting an average of 100–200 spam e-mails a day.

I bought SpamSieve and it has literally changed my e-mail experience. I now get 1–3 messages I don’t want daily. And I know that once I tell SpamSieve to catch them, I will never hear from them again. Thanks guys for a great product.

BTW, I have been a Mac Freak since 1985 and have been on the Internet or Compuserve since 1988. So I know what I am talking about.

Charles Jones
via e-mail

If you haven’t already, try SpamSieve 2.0.2—it’s unbelievable. Very good, infinitely better than Mail’s Junk filter.

Derek Cooper
via the x4u mailing list

About 2 months ago, the junk mail filter in Apple Mail (OS X 10.3) completely stopped working. My initial search of spam filtering software led me to Spamfire which I used for about 2 months. However, at the level where it worked well, I had too many false negatives.

I just read about Spamsieve in MacHome magazine and am trying it out now. I am in my 4th day. I am completely blown away by how accurate it is.

via e-mail

This leaves the built-in feature of Mail.app so far behind you can’t even see the cloud of dust.

user review from VersionTracker

Thank you, Michael! Keep up the good work. I had to resort to SpamSieve when my Mail.application junk mail filter spontaneously broke yesterday. SpamSieve is 10x better than Apple’s junk mail filter.

via e-mail

I have to say, it’s working fabulously—much better than Apple Mail’s filters.

Ali Lemer
via e-mail

I’ve given up on the built-in Junk Mail filter and am having much more success with SpamSieve. (FWIW, Thunderbirds filter seems to suffer in similar ways to Mail’s.

via the Mac OS X Talk mailing list

I’ve been using Spam Sieve since this spring, and its easily the best of its kind for the Mac platform.

via e-mail

I’d like to say “thank you” for writing SpamSieve. After reading about it in Macworld, I gave it a try. I must say I was stunned at how quickly and completely it has gone to work. I simply NEVER get any more spam. In fact, it’s almost sad—I now realize how few actual e-mails I normally get. Mail’s junk mail feature really never worked all that well, and I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t use the tech you’ve used.

John Foerster
via e-mail

Thanks! This is a FABULOUS program! I wanted to use Entourage but was reluctant to give up Mail because of its spam filter. But yours is much better!

John Rosenberg
via e-mail

Thank you so much for a truly invaluable addition to my Apple Mail program. Your efforts at improving the app are greatly appreciated. I have used SpamSieve since its first release, and have never had a problem with installing or using it all these years. You are to be commended for your excellent work and due diligence in releasing timely and effective updates.

via e-mail

I/we LOVE this software (Apple Mail users.) All of a sudden a few weeks ago we started getting hundreds of spam. With your software and just a couple of days of “training” now we are virtually spam free. We LOVE you. Worth every penny!!!

Michael Piacentini
via e-mail

Michael, I have been recommending your Apple Mail plugin for well over 10 years, maybe more. I just recommended it again, today, calling it the best $30 I have ever spent on any plugin.

You keep updating the plugin. Updates are very simple. I almost never get false “positives.” Despite Apple’s attempt to filter spam in iCloud, Spam Sieve continues to handle everything very nicely. You have saved me hours of sorting through junk email and, with my Mac running most of the time, my iPad and my iPhone simply do not get spam emails.

Thank you very much, again!

Mark Hollis
via e-mail

Can’t thank you enough for this amazing program. I tell everyone I can about it.

Bill Stone
via e-mail

The word “awesome" used to mean “inspiring a mixed feeling of fear and wonder” - but according to John McWhorter, Stanford professor, linguist, word meanings tend to weaken over time, and now the word “awesome” can now sapply to scrambled eggs. Still, I use the word “awesome” to describe SpamSieve. It is as if the minor god of email order (than your for small gods, Terry Pratchett) had stepped forth and decreed (as gods are wont to do) that all non-essential email is hereby banished. OMSG (Oh, my small god) SpamSieve is absolutely amazing at spotting BS, nonsense, and (to quote Kurt Vonnegut) granfalloons, and expeditiously hiding them from me. I tend to check it and train it, still, but it has a 98.99% accuracy rate, and clears all the stuff I deem “junk” far better than even Apple’s venerated junk mail filter. This is WAY better. SpamSieve is flexible, teach-able, and reliable. If you invest in only one time-saving utility, buy SpamSieve. It is awesome.

James LeMay
via e-mail

SpamSieve changed my life overnight—it’s astonishingly effective. Thank you!

I’ve been using Mail.app for years, but its spam detection has never been very good at dealing with the hundreds or sometimes thousands of pieces of spam that I get per day. (Not many false positives, but lots of false negatives.) A friend told me about SpamSieve the other day, and I decided to give it a try, and it’s doing an amazing job so far. (It’s also gotten me to finally take some other spam-prevention measures that are helping quite a bit too.) And I love that I can see and adjust the corpus and the lists and the rules that SpamSieve uses; I’ve always wanted to be able to do that with a spam filter.

Jed Hartman
via e-mail

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