SpamSieve Testimonials (Entourage)

I’ve been using Entourage, whose built-in spam filter is virtually worthless. However, there is an inexpensive third party spam filter, SpamSieve, that is absolutely incredible. It’s very easy to set up, is trainable so that it just gets better and better, and catches everything bad while letting all good stuff in.

John Rosenberg

I’m a registered SpamSieve user (with Entourage), and I couldn’t be happier with your product. You’ve created a great application that’s well worth the small registration fee. It literally saves me hours each week (my spam to good ration is about 11:1)

Dave Tufts
via e-mail

Nice job on SpamSieve. I was just about to change my e-mail address, but you saved me. I run a small design studio in Vancouver, BC and recently began searching for a way to reduce spam without installing a server-side filter. Your solution is simple and works well with Entourage.

Mark Busse
via e-mail

I manage about 50 e-mail accounts and receive many hundreds of e-mails a day, filtered into 50+ different folders. I don’t know how I survived without SpamSieve :)

Laurie A. Duncan
via the Entourage-Talk mailing list

I manage approximately 30 different e-mail accounts. I simply put SpamSieve at the end of my list of rules and let it do it’s thing. It’s been pretty amazing, catching about 99.99 percent of the 200+ pieces of spam that I receive each day. What I find even more amazing is that SpamSieve has been running on my computer for about a month and it has never flagged a piece of good mail as spam.

Mark Goodman
via the Entourage-Talk mailing list

I think SpamSieve’s author, Michael Tsai, provides *outstanding* support! Yes, many folks will tell you how effective SpamSieve is (it is!)—but you won’t often hear much about Michael. Well, the fact is that he listens to his customers, he often answers questions right here (as he’s already done on this thread), and he’s just plain good at answering e-mail questions! He’s made a quality product, and he supports it very well.

Jim Warthman
via the Entourage-Talk mailing list

Major, major thumbs up and it gets better with each release by its attentive author. Entourage's built-in junk filter doesn't come close.…Best shareware fee I've spent this year.

Judi Sohn
via the Entourage-Talk mailing list

Not a single spam message of any kind has got past SpamSieve for the past 2 months now. Incredible. Using with Entourage 2004 at present.

user review from VersionTracker

Thanks for writing such a great program. It totally beats Microsoft’s attempt in Entourage [2004] with Junk E-Mail filter.

Mark Androw
via e-mail

Best. Filter. Ever.

I get about 200 spams a day and tried a bunch of solutions before finding Spamsieve. Very rarely will spam get through and false positives are ridiculously low. A truly intelligent app. Best of all, when I had a question for the author (how to automatically remove spam from my pop server with Entourage) he emailed me back within 30 minutes with the answer. In my book, that puts him in the Hero league of shareware authors alongside Ed Hamrick of Vuescan.

Patrick Roddie
user review from VersionTracker

I Should Have Had this Years Ago.

Wow! This is one application that is well worth the price, as seems obvious from the other reviewers remarks (save one). I gladly paid the fee and before the demo time was even through. This application is a most intelligent application that, so far, has been accurate 99% of the time. Though I’ve only been training the application for a few weeks, it began right off the bat getting rid of those annoying “increase the size of certain body parts” e-mails that plagued my inbox. I use Entourage through EarthLink. And I’ve tried setting several filters but there was always some of those mails that got through. It’s no fun checking mail with my wife looking over my shoulder and then seeing the porn spam flood in (NO way I signed up for that junk—nor visited their evil sites—she knows that too).

I enthusiastically recommend SpamSieve for every Mac user. You won’t regret it! And I love the ability to applescript it too!

user review from VersionTracker

The improvements from 1.x to 2.0 were good. The 2.0.2 improvements are even better. This is the only spam filter I have found that make Entourage usable without having to write a rule for every possible spam. It's now faster and more accurate. Documentation is now clearer. Does require use of AppleScript if you want to change the Spam destination folder. Great developer communication.

user review from VersionTracker

After 5 minutes training, SpamSieve has been amazingly successful at shunting crap into my Spam box (Entourage). NO false positives after 250 e-mails (80% of them spam), only 3 false negatives—all for very good reason (mother-in-law just signed up for AOL account (!) and sent e-mail with stupid, garbled header, etc.). One happy bunny.

Rupert Stubbs
user review from MacUpdate

I recently tried SpamSieve and it worked so well that I just bought it today before the demo expired. It caught 99.99% of the spam that I was getting.

Mark Goodman
via the Entourage-Talk mailing list

Does what it claims, can’t ask for much more. Within a week I was virtually spam free and using Entourage. Highly recommended.  

user review from VersionTracker

Just get SpamSieve. It works as advertised, and I get NO more spam in my in box—it really, really works!…The best bucks I have spend on Mac software this year!

Bob Williams (Microsoft MVP Entourage-Office Mac)
via the Entourage-Talk mailing list

The best part is that it has not mis-identified any valid emails as spam. Entourage frequently put valid spam in the spam folder (I did have it set on the 2nd highest setting).

user review from VersionTracker

After reading the posts about Spam Sieve, and getting fed up with an inbox full of spam every day, even with Junk Mail filter on and a bunch of rules, I tried it. Trained it for 3 or 4 days and now it’s getting almost everything, with no false positives. So thanks to everyone who recommended it. It’s nice to have real mail in the inbox again.

Jan Martel
via the Entourage-Talk mailing list

The old joke in my industry (and probably others) used to be Price, Quality and Service…choose two. SpamSieve gives me all three! For a mere $25 I get a Bayesian spam filter for Entourage. It’s catching 99.5% of my spam what more can I say. E-mailing Michael with a question netted me with an immediate, straightforward response and that is deserving of 10 stars in my book. Thank you for an excellent product.

user review from VersionTracker

Many of the messages that Entourage marks as spam do come from editors, readers or other people I don’t know, and many of them to translate into work.

That’s why I stopped using Entourage’s Junk Mail Filter and switched to SpamSieve.

Eddie Hargreaves
via the Entourage-Talk mailing list

We bought and installed SpamSieve on Saturday afternoon 3/6/2004. Prior to the purchase of SpamSieve we were being attacked w/spam—700 per day—over 250,000 per year—this is no joke. The amount of spam had increased to the point where only 2 of our 4 e-mail addresses were of any use. And our e-mail program, Entourage was crashing because it could not handle all the rules we created to deal w/all the spam.

After a painless install…we trained it to identify Spam (we had tons of it) and good e-mail.

Immediately the war was over. SpamSieve had won. We are back in business.

What a great product for anyone/company that is being attacked by Spam.

Mike Gresh
via e-mail

SpamSieve is simply incredible. Just downloaded it and have been amazed at its accuracy and ease-of-use (I’m using Entourage). I can’t imagine why anyone would bother to use the built-in spam filters in Mail/Entourage/Eudora—no matter how good those might be (and I think they pale in comparison to SpamSieve) this gives me spam-fighting portability if I decide to switch email programs. Awesome!

I will be purchasing SpamSieve and evangelizing it to all my Mac friends.

Andrew Berkowitz
via e-mail

I have been using SpamSieve now for almost a year and I find that it zaps 99.5% of all the spam I get. It’s so accurate that I have taken to emptying the Spam folder without reviewing for false positives. Yeah it’s THAT good. (And, yeah, I have turned the Junk Mail Filter off—all I use is SpamSieve.)

Bob Williams, Microsoft MVP Entourage-Office Mac
via the Entourage-talk mailing list

I’m in the same boat as Bob here, even to the point of deleting the spam without always checking. I’ve not seen a false positive in months.

Allen Watson, Microsoft MVP for Entourage/OE/Word
via the Entourage-talk mailing list

Simple and Excellent. Catches 95% of my spam. Easy to use if you simply read the documentation. I use it with Entourage and I find it rock stable and accurate. Love it.

user review from VersionTracker

Darn good spam filter. I have been using SpamSieve for a couple months with Entourage and I am very pleased.

user review from VersionTracker

Much better than Entourage’s built in spam engine. We have recommended it to our clients for quite a while. After trying many different spam engines this one is far easier to use.

SEAL Systems
user review from VersionTracker

In recent weeks, I’ve been getting so much spam that I considered moving from Entourage to Mail.app, so this program has saved me a lot of time and effort. Catches spam that my email provider doesn’t and keeps my In box clean. I’m off to pay my 20 now. Great work.

user review from VersionTracker

Although I was somewhat skeptical when I downloaded Spam Sieve, I quickly discovered that it is very easy to use and far more powerful than the documentation indicated. Within a short span of time, I learned to use it in tandem with Entourage’s own Junk Mail filter (a good tool but imperfect in that it cannot be trained as Spam Sieve can). I was delighted to discover that by the second day of use, these two filters had eliminated, without error, every single piece of spam mail sent to me. I am very impressed and very pleased.

David Xenakis (author of Photoshop 6 In Depth)
via e-mail

Great Software! I’ve been using it for about a month and now send all spam directly to the Deleted Items folder (requires slight modification of the AppleScript). I have yet to experience any problems between SpamSieve and Entourage in OS X 10.2.

user review from VersionTracker

I have been using SpamSieve with Entourage for a while now, and must say that it is a true relief! Spam is out of my view and it’s great. Bravo for your work.

Enrique Pardo
via e-mail

This thing rocks! I just started using it today with Entourage and already it is smart enough to catch 100% of my spam. After a few more days of testing I might just have it delete the spam instead of moving it to a spam folder.

Edwin Sneller
user review from VersionTracker

I have been using this software for a while now and have to say it’s a great product that is getting better and better with every update. The customer support is also fast and expert. It works well with Entourage.

user review from VersionTracker

I ran it over six hundred or so spams and a similar number of good messages and it appeared to work brilliantly. Running the “check for spam” script over the original spam folder, every single one was marked as spam. Then I ran it over my deleted items and there were no false positives. I’m impressed :)

Nigel Stanger
via the Entourage-talk mailing list

This is amazing. The developer is very good to work with. I’m running it on Entourage and 10.2.3 and it works great, seamlessly, and fast. It’s about 98% accurate. Every once in a while it lets a spam through to my inbox. And I think it’s marked one piece of legitimate mail as spam, but it was still a mass-mailing from a large website, so I can’t really blame it much. So no complaints. This thing is just incredible.

user review from VersionTracker

I like! Works great! And getting better by the minute! It gets along well with my Entourage.

user review from VersionTracker

I use Entourage to check about 10 accounts which get about 150 spam messages a day, SpamSieve gets almost all of it.

The combination of SpamSieve and Entourage rocks for e-mail. I say this having used Mail, Eudora, 5.1.1, Mailsmith, and PowerMail.

T. Patrick Henebry
via the Your Mac Life mailing list

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