SpamSieve Testimonials (Eudora)

First of all, I am very impressed with SpamSieve. I’ve been a Eudora user for a number of years (both on Windows and Mac OS X) and I haven’t had anything work as effectively as your product. My humble Web host uses SpamAssassin which used to catch a fair amount of the spam I was receiving but no longer. I recently enabled Eudora’s junk mail filter but it pretty much sucks. Basically, SpamSieve came in and saved the day. Thanks a bunch!

via e-mail

SpamSieve continues to work with Eudora to filter 100% of my spam.

Bud Kuenzli
via the x4u mailing list

Hey, forget about the Eudora junk features! SpamSieve is a lot Better. It’s the real solutions for spam.

Netmaster Yisu
user review from VersionTracker

I’ve been using Eudora for years and find it indispensable for my work. So far [Eudora 6.0] seems a good, stable upgrade, and the new icons are easier on the eyes. I use the adware mode and don’t miss the spam features because I use SpamSieve, which does a good job.

Phil St. Romain
user review from VersionTracker

I’ve installed SpamSieve 2 and it works great with Eudora 6. I am seeing many fewer false negatives and much of obvious to me junk is flagged as 100 whereas it would have been in the 55 category with the Eudora Spam Filters.

Dick Tripp
via the Eudora-Mac mailing list

I was a SpamSieve user before Eudora v6 came out. I wondered whether I’d even want SpamSieve once I upgraded to v6. As it turns out, I PREFER SpamSieve over Eudora’s built-in spam filtering and here’s why.

via the Eudora-Mac mailing list

I watched the evolution of spam programs, and made filters. I finally decided the software had evolved sufficiently, and tried SpamSieve. It has enabled me to eliminate half of my filters (all of the spam-oriented ones), and it is more effective than the filters were.

It integrates seamlessly with Eudora, and is less expensive than the cost of upgrading from sponsored to paid mode in order to get Eudora’s native Bayesian junk filter.

Jim Saklad
via the Eudora-Mac mailing list

I was absolutely delighted with Eudora’s Junk filtering until it started regularly eating my e-mail list mail. I just didn’t want to deal with the whitelist problems involved.

SpamSieve gave me options Eudora’s SpamWatch didn’t, and I haven’t looked back since I registered.

Christopher Stone
via the Eudora-Mac mailing list

I just wanted to email you and let you know that I love SpamSieve. I was able to get rid of 100+ Eudora filters. The filters were not doing that well to reduce the volume of spam that I got. Within a day, I had trained SpamSieve and it was dealing with most of my spam. Plus, it is far easier to deal with the small amount of spam that it lets through.

Brent Heustess
via e-mail

I have been using Michael Tsai’s SpamSieve 1.2.2 for about a week now. It is amazingly accurate. I use Eudora (a client supported with some limitations by the product) and am extremely pleased. It also works with Emailer, Mailsmith, Powermail, and Entourage. I understand that it uses Bayesian filtering, and it does so with great success.

I had been considering switching to Apple’s Mail as I was being buried alive with spam: I now (for the first time in years) know what it is like to check an empty mailbox.

Joe Beirne
via the x4u mailing list

Brilliant software! Don’t know why Qualcomm never did this themselves (I use Eudora 5.2), but I’m certainly glad that you did.

Barry Fishman
via e-mail

Great product! Works as advertised with Eudora and has proved to be a reliable time-saver. Very low error rate.

Peter Goodman
via e-mail

I find that SpamSieve gives much greater accuracy [than Eudora SpamWatch].

Joel Smith

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