SpamSieve Testimonials (SpamSieve 3)

I received your eamil about version 3 and immediately downloaded it and installed it. I imported the database from version 2.x, and changed it to be controlled by the extension, and it just kicked into high gear and is performing flawlessly. The new pull controls on the menu bar are an added bonus for quick updates and training. Thank you for improving an already great app.

Dennis Bater
via e-mail

I don’t know what kind of “voodoo” this program uses to weed out spam, but it works, that’s all I care about. Sparkling clean email boxes. LOVE it.

Steve C

First, it is an honor to pay for the upgrade to SpamSieve 3. In the 8 years that I have been using SpamSieve, this amazing little utility has kept me from wasting precious time by removing well over 100,000 spam emails from my multiple email accounts. Furthermore, it has kept me from seeing some of the trash porn emails that I would rather not see.

Brad Miller
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First off I want to thank you for this indispensable program. I just checked and it looks like I first bought it 10 years ago. The is the first paid upgrade in all of that time, which is just amazing. Thank you for the great work. Take care.

Glenn Workman
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Okay, with two decades of use from the initial purchase, I’d say @spamsieve was a pretty good deal. The new 3.0 update is an insta-buy.

Chris Ainsworth

updating to Spamsieve 3, I just realized: I was using Spamsieve 2.x for 20 years now.

20 years and many System updates later, even switching mail clients from Apple Mail to MailMate, and the spamSieve kept on working. Not even charging paid upgrades ... I am deeply impressed and just want to say:

Thank You!

Christian Nadolle
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5 stars

If you have old email addresses that are literally bombed with spam, SpamSieve is a godsend.

user review from MacUpdate

I just upgraded to version 3 and when I was looking for my license info I found that I’d purchased my version 2 license in April 2007 - so I’ve now paid $50 for 16 years of spam filtering. For me it’s easily one of the best valued Mac apps I’ve ever purchased.

Doug Miller

I want to thank you for the level of support you offer.

I have been using Spamsieve for nearly two decades.

An incredible piece of software….

Michael M Cohen
via e-mail

You outdid yourself with this version on Sonoma. And I’m glad that you finally made us pay a small contribution for your work. I’ve been using SpamSieve for the last 20 years, and it is still the best mail add-on that I ever purchased.

Although now most mail apps have strong systems to catch spam, there is always some smart ones that escape. That’s why I moved to ProtonMail and use iCloud just because. I avoid anything Gmail as it is infested by phishing scams.

Anyway congratulations on this new app.

Jean Feuillet
via e-mail

I have been using SpamSieve (version: 2.9.29) for several (many) years on Mac OS 10.6.8--SnowLeopard. It is the best program I have ever had need to use.

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I’ve been a paid SpanSieve user since 2004. The cost of the SpamSieve 3 update seems like a small price to pay for nearly 20 years of spam-free email.


This app has tremendous value especially when we get inundated with spam. To date it has trapped all mail not based on my whitelist. It easily lets you identify what it might have considered spam by telling the system that particular mail was “Good”. And the most important thing was when I had a learning issue, the support was fast and phenomenal. The developer was johnny on the spot helping me learn what I did to cause the issue. I highly recommend this app for those of you sick of being spammed and phished.

user review from MacUpdate

Thank you, Michael, for all your hard work over the years with keeping SpamSieve compatible with the latest versions of macOS. It is an excellent product which saves me a lot of time and hassle.

Bill Kochman

A few days ago, I purchased and began using SpamSieve on my older Macbook Pro (OS 11.7.10) with Mail (ver. 14.0). For the past four or five months my Inbox had been inundated with spam, which had never happened before. Somewhow I must have been careless or my multiple email addresses got sold to mass mailers after a server breach somewhere. I tried everything I could think of within Mail to stop the inundation, finally relying on the Rules feature. That worked, but was so time-consuming as to be more than just an aggravation.

Needing a much better solution, I ran a web search and found SpamSieve. Now, I’m not a trusting soul — paranoid tendencies were a prerequisite for my job in the Army and I passed the screening test with flying colors — but what I read on your web site made sense. So I downloaded SpamSieve 3.0 on a trial basis, along with a pdf of the manual, and went to work.

Except it wasn’t work at all. Installation was exceptionally straightforward, integration with Mail was a snap, and training was simplicity itself. Then earlier today I noticed that SpamSieve didn’t seem to be actively filtering my email except when I manually trained it. Using the Menu Bar icon, under Help I found an item labeled “Why is SpamSieve not catching my spam?” Nothing could be clearer. Clicking that item took me section 7.1 of the SpamSieve manual, where there was a link to “Checking the Apple Mail setup.” Which had all the settings to check listed along with the correct selections. Again, nothing could be clearer.

SpamSieve is now humming along and my Inbox is cleaner than it’s been for months. No more need to edit Mail rules for every piece of spam or junk received, no more wasting time and no more aggravation.

Effective software, easily installed and setup, clear instructions and Help materials. Are you sure you’re allowed to do this?

I tell you all this at such length because you really are to be congratulated on top notch work that effectively and efficiently solves a genuine problem. If it’s fair to file complaints (no, I don’t have any), it’s only right to also register satisfaction.

John L. Hemingway
via e-mail

Hey Michael, just want to say how awesome of an app SpamSieve is. I’ve been using it for the last few weeks and just purchased it. I feel like my email system has never been more fluid and easy. I have it setup on a Mac mini server at home that sits in my basement. I’ve got all my email accounts running through it, from my various work accounts to my personal accounts and have the TrainGood and TrainSpam folders setup with the AppleScript so I can process those when they happen from the machines I’m actually using email on. I even copied that script and modified it so I could have it mark any message in my trash or archive folders as read so I don’t see a bubble on those folders all the time (a personal pet peeve). Everything is just working great.

Bobby Butterworth
via e-mail

Just wanted to send you a note to say that I appreciate your hard work at getting the current version up and running. I have been running it for many years and it has working wonderfully. I too had (have) the mail bug that causes it not to work as before but 3.0.1 is a big improvement. With 3.0 I actually wiped everything (on purpose…had over 900K messages in the log) but the problem remained. With 3.01 not only are messages being filtered (albeit after they end up in the inbox) but the colouring system for spam % is also now working (before everything was just grey).

I was until this year, an apple dealer and tech for 35 yrs. (retired) but I put all my clients into your software who would have it. I know most of the forum comments tend to go in the opposite direction but just wanted you to know that you have designed some great software that has made my life much easier.

I have actually had my domain (glogra.com) since the early 90’s when you could only have an 8 character domain name. And over the years I’m sure I am on just about any mail list that is imaginable. I get thousands of messages a day (95% spam) and even with pre scoring on the server side, without your software, I would be deluged with it. Once trained, it cuts hours off my work week. Just wanted you to know there are lots of us out there who know and trust what you are achieving.

Ian Campbell
via e-mail

SpamSieve 3 rocks. Well done. Indispensable tool and I’ve referred to many folks.


Again, congratulations on iterating on an already wonderful product, Michael. I really respect that you honored licenses for so many years, and I was more than happy to pay for my upgrade. If anything, it was long overdue so that I felt I was supporting ongoing development!

Steve Kleiman
via e-mail

I along with several people in our office have relied on SpamSieve and your outstanding support for years. We really appreciate the release of SpamSieve 3 ahead of today’s Sonoma release. Also thank you for taking the opportunity with SpamSieve 3 to make it even easier to use and understand with an amazing help system. Updating from 2 to 3 was very easy for users because of all your hard work.


I’ve been using SpamSieve for some 5yrs now and couldn’t be happier with the benefit this software provides!


[Your] near-instant support every single time I need help exceeds my customer support expectations by such a wide margin that I’m happy to support your endeavor and pay for the upgrade.

I truly appreciate the fast feedback and help, especially since its not scripted or condescending, like with so many other companies.

You have a customer for life!

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I’ve been using @spamsieve for years with @mailmateapp. It even triggers pulsing blue email notifications on my ancient USB Griffin PowerMate!

Thanks for keeping that feature in there @mjtsai!

Eric Beavers

I have been using SpamSieve for several months now. It has allowed me to keep the unimportant emails from cluttering up my inbox by sending them to the Junk folder so I can review them later and delete in bulk. They have had several updates of their software and appear to be very responsive to Apple’s changes.

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