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technical-supportTechnical Support

  1. It’s best to update to the latest version of SpamSieve before updating Mac OS X. SpamSieve 2.9.17 (released October 16) is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. After updating, if you don’t see the SpamSieve commands in Apple Mail’s Message menu, you’ll need to fix that.
  2. For Apple Mail users, there’s a way to speed up the training commands and an explanation for why you see the Junk mailbox.
  3. There’s lots of information in the SpamSieve manual, such as the list of supported mail programs and OS versions, setup instructions for the different mail programs, and a section on iPhone spam filtering.
  4. For the best filtering accuracy, follow the instructions to do an initial training and to correct all the mistakes.
  5. Are lots of spam messages (or more than before) ending up in your inbox? Even if SpamSieve is catching some of your spam, there’s a good chance that there’s a setup problem. Just fix your settings, and the accuracy will return to normal.
  6. Have you checked the list of frequently asked questions, including the general ones for the application and the ones for Apple Mail?
  7. If your question is not answered above, please gather the proper background information and send an e-mail to Please do not forward spam messages to this address.


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The SpamSieve blog and Twitter feed (archives) contain update notices and SpamSieve tips.


The SpamSieve forum is the place to talk with other SpamSieve users, share tips and tricks, and ask questions. To keep up with the latest posts, you can sign up for the SpamSieve forum RSS feed, or to a single feed for all the forums.

feature-requestsFeature Requests

We’d like to hear your suggestions for making SpamSieve better. Please send them to


Sample SpamSieve AppleScripts are available, which demonstrate how to access SpamSieve’s rules, corpus, and windows. Additional scripts let you customize the interaction between SpamSieve and various e-mail clients.

older-versionsOlder Versions

SpamSieve 2.9.17 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

If you purchase SpamSieve 2.9.17 you can request a serial number to run these older versions.