Remove Duplicate Messages

Summary: Removes duplicate e-mail messages from a mailbox.
Requires: EagleFiler 1.6.6
Install Location: ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/EagleFiler/
Last Modified: 2022-08-11


This script scans the selected mailboxes in the records list or the source list. (Prior to EagleFiler 1.7, the mailboxes must be selected in the records list; with 1.7 or later, the script will use whichever list has focus.) If a mailbox contains duplicate copies of the same e-mail message, the script creates a new mailbox with the duplicate e-mails removed. (If your duplicates are spread across multiple mailboxes or are stored in .eml files, you should first merge them.) It then moves the original mailbox to the trash. This script has the following limitations:

Mailboxes of a few MB will be processed very quickly. For large mailboxes, the script may take a long time to run. It does not report on the progress while it’s running. If you are wondering whether the script is still doing anything, you can watch the “formail” process in Activity Monitor. To help determine what performance you should expect, here are some processing times from a 2012 Retina MacBook Pro:

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tell application "EagleFiler"
try -- requires EagleFiler 1.7
set _records to current records of browser window 1
on error
set _records to selected records of browser window 1
end try
set _mailboxes to {}
repeat with _record in _records
if my isMailboxRecord(_record) then
copy _record to end of _mailboxes
my removeDuplicatesFromMailboxRecord(_record)
my showAlert("Skipping File", "Skipping “" & _record's filename & "” because it is not a mailbox.")
end if
end repeat
if _mailboxes is {} then
my showAlert("You did not select any mailboxes.", "Please click on Records or a folder in the source list (at the left) and then select one or more mailboxes in the records list (at the top-right).")
end if
end tell

on isMailboxRecord(_record)
tell application "EagleFiler"
if _record's universal type identifier is "com.c-command.mail.mbox" then return true
return false
end tell
end isMailboxRecord

on removeDuplicatesFromMailboxRecord(_record)
tell application "EagleFiler"
set _file to _record's file
set _path to _file's POSIX path
set _filename to _record's filename
set {_newPath, _count} to my removeDuplicatesFromPath(_path)
if _count is 0 then
my showAlert("No Duplicates Found", "There were no duplicate messages in “" & _filename & "”.")
end if
tell _record's library document
set {_newRecord} to import files {_newPath}
my copyMetadata(_record, _newRecord)
set container of _record to trash
set _newRecord's filename to _filename -- Wasn't possible to set it correctly earlier.
end tell
my showAlert("Duplicates Removed", "Removed " & _count & " duplicate messages from “" & _filename & "”.")
end tell
end removeDuplicatesFromMailboxRecord

on removeDuplicatesFromPath(_sourcePath)
set _tempFolder to my makeTemporaryFolder()
set _cachePath to _tempFolder & "/" & "idcache"
set _destPath to _tempFolder & "/" & "NewMailbox.mbox"
set _logPath to _tempFolder & "/" & "Log.log"
-- cat Old | perl -p -e 's/\r\n/\n/g' | perl -p -e 's/\r/\n/g' | formail -b -e -q- -Y -D 104857600 idcache -s > New
set _script to "cat " & _sourcePath's quoted form
set _script to _script & " | perl -p -e 's/\\r\\n/\\n/g'"
set _script to _script & " | perl -p -e 's/\\r/\\n/g'"
set _script to _script & " | " & my formailPath() & " -b -e -q- -Y"
set _script to _script & " -D 104857600 " & _cachePath's quoted form -- 100 MB
set _script to _script & " -s > " & _destPath's quoted form
set _script to _script & " 2> " & _logPath's quoted form
with timeout of 24 * 60 * 60 seconds
do shell script _script
end timeout
set _count to my countDuplicatesFoundFromLogPath(_logPath)
my reportErrorsFromLogPath(_logPath)
return {_destPath, _count}
end removeDuplicatesFromPath

on countDuplicatesFoundFromLogPath(_logPath)
set _script to "grep -c \"^formail: Duplicate key found:\" " & _logPath's quoted form
set _stdout to do shell script _script
on error number 1
return 0
end try
return _stdout as number
end countDuplicatesFoundFromLogPath

on reportErrorsFromLogPath(_logPath)
-- Skip lines starting with "<" becuase they are probably a wrapped message ID
set _script to "grep -vEc \"^(\\s*<|formail: Duplicate key found:)\" " & _logPath's quoted form
set _stdout to do shell script _script
set _errorCount to _stdout as number
on error
set _errorCount to 0
end try
if _errorCount > 0 then
do shell script "open -a Console " & _logPath
set _title to "Possible Errors Reported"
set _message to (_errorCount as string) & " unexpected log entries were found when processing the mailbox. Please review them in Console."
with timeout of 24 * 60 * 60 seconds
display alert _title message _message buttons {"Cancel", "Ignore the Errors"} cancel button 1
end timeout
end if
end reportErrorsFromLogPath

on makeTemporaryFolder()
return do shell script "mktemp -d -t 'EFRemoveDuplicateMessages'"
end makeTemporaryFolder

on copyMetadata(_source, _dest)
tell application "EagleFiler"
set _sourceURL to _source's source URL
set source URL of _dest to _sourceURL
set container of _dest to _source's container
set _noteText to _source's note text
set note text of _dest to _noteText
set _tags to _source's assigned tags
set assigned tags of _dest to _tags
set _title to _source's title
set title of _dest to _title
set _fromName to _source's from name
set from name of _dest to _fromName
set _labelIndex to _source's label index
set label index of _dest to _labelIndex
set _creationDate to _source's creation date
set creation date of _dest to _creationDate
set _modificationDate to _source's modification date
set modification date of _dest to _modificationDate
end tell
end copyMetadata

on showAlert(_title, _message)
with timeout of 24 * 60 * 60 seconds
display alert _title message _message buttons {"Cancel", "OK"} cancel button 1
end timeout
end showAlert

on formailPath()
-- Prior to Mac OS X 10.11, it's also available at /usr/bin/formail.
set _path to path to application "EagleFiler"
set _posixPath to POSIX path of _path
return _posixPath & "Contents/Frameworks/WashFramework.framework/Versions/A/formail"
end formailPath