Copy Notes to Spotlight Comments

Summary: Copies the text from the selected records’ notes to the Spotlight commments.
Requires: EagleFiler
Install Location: ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/EagleFiler/
Last Modified: 2018-06-07


For each selected record, this script copies the EagleFiler note into the file’s Spotlight comments field, which is viewable in the Finder’s Get Info window. Note that, unlike EagleFiler notes, Spotlight comments are plain text and can only hold a limited number of characters. Thus, the copy may be lossy.

Installation Instructions · Download in Compiled Format · Download in Text Format


tell application "EagleFiler"
set _records to selected records of browser window 1
repeat with _record in _records
set _notes to _record's note text
set _file to _record's file
tell application "Finder"
set comment of file _file to _notes
end tell
end repeat
end tell