DropDMG Testimonials

One of the best apps I ever found, well built, easy to use and very flexible!

user review from MacUpdate

Having just spent a day fighting with scripts, bits of open source, [other product], the really quite awful [another product] etc. etc. etc. the discovery of DropDMG doing pretty much exactly what I need it to is absolutely and entirely wonderful and I just wish I’d found it eight hours ago. I’m just aghast that all these other vendors of .dmg creators haven’t worked out that I have a deployment script y’know.

So thank you. And you are absolutely welcome to the best $24 I ever spent.

David Preece
via e-mail

If you build Mac software, @dropdmg is a fantastic utility for building signed disk images for distribution.

Evil Mad Scientist

Needed a script to generate a dmg from an app, and this utility saved me half a day researching the dmg commands.

user review from Mac App Store

Excellent Archive Tool. Great native alternative to WinZip with high grade encryption offering. Optimized for M1.

user review from Mac App Store

Time for regular shoutout to @mjtsai and @dropdmg. We use it on all our workflows, it is awesome.

Timo Perfitt

A must have for anything about disk images! The only app I could find that tells you to what algorithm a dmg was created — then you can decide if it’s worth converting or not. It plays seamlessly between the usual formats. Quite perfect!

user review from Mac App Store

I was trying to work with a .dmg. Disk Utility kept hanging. But DropDMG worked! Thanks again!

Pen Helm
via e-mail

Two great utilities for devs:

  • Sparkle for managing software updates
  • DropDMG by @mjtsai for building DMG installers

Both work very well, incredibly helpful.

Dave Mark

I recommend using @dropdmg to setup the background artwork/application folder link and automate it in your build process.

Jonathan Deutsch

Great utility - more than ever since 10.12.

user review from MacUpdate

Switched from iDMG because DropDMG is still well maintained. Great application.

user review from MacUpdate

DropDMG is great!

David Lublin

our v6 release now shows the eval license right when opening the dmg, thanks to dropdmg that was super easy! Superb product.

Peter Steinberger, PSPDFKit
via Twitter (see also)

Awesome tool for our Xcode workflow.

Timothy Perfitt

I love DropDMG. We use it to package Hook productivity.

Luc P. Beaudoin, CogSci Apps Corp

Highly recommended

This app is a great way to deliver a professional looking application. A great time saver, worth every penny.

user review from Mac App Store

as reliable as always

This is one of those great apps. It does a very simple thing but it does it very well.

user review from Mac App Store

Hassle-free DMG creation for the masses

user review from Mac App Store

Today I was using DropDMG and I realized how much your software makes my life easier. That’s why I decided to thank you guys for putting out such a great product by sharing my experience with you.

Vittorio Bosio
via e-mail

Love DropDMG. Archiving FCPX libraries is trivial and much more reliable than Disk Utility. […] I use it literally everyday at work. Best $24 I’ve spent in a long time. Thank you!

Jason Fiore

I just realized how much I rely on this tool!

I’ve been using DropDMG for years, and I just realized how much I rely on it.

Mark of good software, stuff that just plain works—without getting in the way!

Good stuff…

Don Montalvo
user review from Mac App Store

Love v 3.0! Layouts rock. Way to go.

Jeff Schindler
via e-mail

DropDMG has been a god-send. I can’t imagine doing this crap manually.

via e-mail

Excellent App

I was looking for a way to package my programming in a disk image with a custom background image and a custom image on the icon. I was able to get it to work by following the instructions. I know you can do all this with Disk Utility, which I had been using to create disk images for a long time, but it was just too difficult to fight with to get the background image. It’s just not worth my time to fight with something like this when someone has taken the time to create an app like this which is very reasonably priced.

Like many powerful apps and software tools, I only use about 5% of the capabilities of the software. But that’s also true for users of my software (WildTools for PowerCADD)!

Thanks for a very complete and well-documented program.

Alfred Scott
user review from Mac App Store

I just want to say a big thank you for your DropDMG software! I can now use my new Blu-Ray disk as I had envisaged to make backup disks of important stuff.

By making DMG files it seems that I can later copy the .dmg files back to my computer and not lose anything. Before I bought your software, I could write, but afterwards not read the BD disk! (not a good backup)

Stephen Butterworth
via e-mail

Great improvements in UI, workflow and feature set!

Thanks again for helping us other developers make our products better!

The ease of putting together a new disk image layout is phenomenal and all of our scripts continued to work with the new version [3.0].

Gaige B. Paulsen, ClueTrust
via e-mail

I’ve tried all the disk image creation apps I could find, and DropDMG is the only one that stayed on my HD. Nothing comes close.

Versatility. DropDMG lives up to it’s name. A clever drop-menu in the app’s small window selects a preset disk image type, for which there exists a plethora of options that puts Disk Utility to shame. One cool feature that’s not so apparent: drop ANY format disk image file onto DropDMG, and DropDMG will convert the image to whatever type is preset, then recompress the image. If it is the same type of image as your preset, DropDMG will still recompress the image, which in most cases will result in a smaller image because DropDMG is so efficient. I tried this with .dmg files created with DropDMG’s competitors, and in every case, DropDMG encoded a smaller .dmg file!

Speed. This newer version freakin’ SCREAMS. I thought something went wrong until I checked the dmg file. A quick stopwatch comparison demonstrated that v277 creates a .dmg file faster than the v260 I previously had installed, and even faster than Apple’s Disk Utility. Compression was as good as Disk Utility for the files I tested.

Support. Registration was a cinch and the apps never so much as hiccuped during the years I’ve used it.

Price. I almost didn’t try DropDMG because of the price, and what a mistake that would have been. There are many free alternatives to DropDMG, but none of them are as fast, none of them compress files as efficiently (they’ve all got higher compressed:original file size ratios), and none have such a rich and luxurious feature set. DropDMG is well worth the $15 I paid for it.

It is a shame that Apple dropped the Disk Copy utility from OS X, which at least offered rudimentary drag and drop .dmg creation. As the greatest honor to DropDMG, I suggest that Apple should incorporate DropDMG into OS X. It’s one of those apps that, once you grow accustomed to it, you cannot imagine using OS X without it.

Central Scrutinizer
user review from VersionTracker

DropDMG has become an integral part of our software delivery system. Not only do we use DropDMG to create all our electronic disk images, it also greatly simplifies preparing our retail CD images. DropDMG saves us a lot of time and hassle. We couldn’t live without it.

Michael Clark, V.P. of Software Engineering, Marketcircle, Inc.
via e-mail

Does exactly what it advertises. Fast, Simple, Intuitive Interface. Better than all the other image creators I’ve tried.

user review from VersionTracker

As an advanced user, DropDMG is the most and only robust, easy-to-use, convenient imaging software available in the Mac market. DropDMG has saved me immeasurable amount of time from the Terminal as I practically live my life on .dmgs every single day. A must for all Panther users!

via e-mail

I just thought I’d speak up and say what a marvelous little tool DropDMG is. I only recently discovered it and at first I hesitated because I knew I could read the man pages and do this stuff on my own. But eventually I wised up and realized that the time and effort spent figuring this stuff out would far exceed the cost of DropDMG. Plus it’s more polished and flexible than anything I’d come up with. On top of that I’d likely have to relearn everything every time I needed to make some changes. I have since discovered what a handy and useful tool DropDMG really is.


Well, that was ridiculously easy.

Created a background image, created a layout, dragged my app over…

And I have a .dmg install disk image.

Thanks for an awesome app!

I purchased it some time ago, got distracted, never got around to trying it before getting a new Mac. Just entered the email address I used to buy it and assume my order info is waiting for me on the previous Mac. So even getting my serial number back was easy.

People and companies that Do Things Right are few and far between these days. Thanks for being one of them.

Lyle D. Gunderson
via e-mail

I’ve been using this for the last 5 years for instantly backing up folders and particularly changed/modified files to encrypted disk images for offsite storage, especially those raw files which I may suddenly need and which take up too much room on my HD. […] Solid, reliable and time saving software. And its ability to instantly segment large sized DMG’s into DVD sized chunks for burning at a touch of a button is great too.

user review from MacUpdate

Excellent product! I started to create a DMG manually but your reasonably priced software was a far better option. FYI I learned of your product via a recommendation from Bill Cheeseman in his book Cocoa Recipes.

Marty Reynolds
via e-mail

DropDMG is seemingly perfect. I’ve been looking for a disc image program like this since ShrinkWrap for OS 9. And ShrinkWrap wasn’t very stable. I’ve only scratched the surface of its capabilities, but so far I’ve had no problems with DropDMG. I really like being able to convert StuffIt archives to disc images, and I’m quite intrigued by the .cdr format since it mounts so fast. I can finally stop using Toast for making my .dmg files.

user review from VersionTracker

Nice! This is the only alternate dmg utility worth bothering with.

user review from MacUpdate

Best of its kind. DropDMG is nearly perfect…it does everything as advertised, and perfectly.

user review from VersionTracker

Like SpamSieve it just gets better. Author just keeps adding features and fixing bugs before I can find them. This has been well supported since I first purchased in fall of 2003.

user review from VersionTracker

As said before, this is the best of its kind. None of the alternatives even come close to the power, flexibility or even the great compression ratios of what DropDMG offers.

Superb tool and a must have for anyone that creates a lot of disk images.

Thanks for this wonderful too!

user review from MacUpdate

I’ve been playing with the demo of version 3 of DropDMG for a little while now and I’ve got to say that I’m nothing but impressed. DropDMG 3 feels much faster and more robust than previous versions with ease of use and flexibility that is unmatched. I’ll be registering this puppy shortly and thank you for always keeping right on top of potential issues with fast fixes in free point releases.

Derren Whiteman, Author / Technical Editor / Web Designer
via e-mail

This is really an impressive program that works pretty straightforward and simply yet can do a lot of things when you look under the hood (read through the help). It is great for working with various kinds of archives—dmg’s, zips, etc.)—making them, converting them, burning them or what not.

user review from MacUpdate

This is a terrific program! I doubt I’ll ever use DropStuff again.

via e-mail

14 minutes is the time it took for the developer to respond to my e-mail of a bug submission. He pointed me to a beta version with a fix that worked beautifully. Michael Tsai has joined the ranks of Thorsten Lemke and Ed Hamrick as my favorite Mac developers with their wonderful, easy to use products and the first class support to back them up. I use DropDMG almost every day and cannot imagine using another utility for processing disk images.

user review from VersionTracker

This app is so useful! Every time I need a .DMG file I use this app, because not only does it let me make .DMG files, it has many options for other files, even for adding documentation to the file.

user review from Bodega

I checked out your DropDMG and was very impressed with the ease of use, and the power of the program. So quick and effective. I will continue to use it and start checking out your other products. Keep up the great work!!

via e-mail

Finally! People are releasing tools that have the same simplicity that older Mac OS had! DropDMG is the closest I’ve come to that oldschool favourite, ShrinkWrap.

Geoffrey Peters
via e-mail

I am a software developer and I am going to purchase DropDMG! You have taken the hassle out of making dmg files and made it effortless. Good job!

Brendan Murphy, True North Software Corporation
via e-mail

Just want to tell you that DropDMG is great and I’m now using it for all my product downloads. The software is quick and easy to use.

via e-mail

Great product…works as advertised!

comment when ordering

Thank you for making my Disk Copy headaches gone forever!

Georges Jaroslaw, CEO Arboretum Systems, Inc.
via e-mail

I use this little tool all the time, and just last week was wondering if I needed any new features. (I wasn’t sure there was any reason to ever update it.) A few days later, Michael came out with 2.5, and look at all the cool stuff he built into it!

Seth Dillingham

DropDMG is a great program, abounding in features. Its simplicity is excellent…10 out of 10.

DropDMG—is great, works fine for me, makes you wonder why Apple’s Disk Utility is so clunky.

user review from VersionTracker

I’ve been sorely missing Disk Copy since upgrading to Panther, so when I happened upon DropDMG I was stoked. It does everything I need, with a simplicity that surpasses even Disk Copy, and it’s blazing fast. For archiving and backups, DropDMG looks to be indispensable.

user reviewf rom VersionTracker

I am just sending this to thank you for a fantastic product. I was using StuffIt DropStuff to distribute my application, Album Cover Finder, and I had countless problems with customers not being able to unzip or unsit my application. I am not sure how many people this turned off from my application but I am sure I lost a good bit of money using DropStuff. I switched to your product DropDMG about a month ago (my trial period just ended) and I have not had a single issue. Thanks to your application I have one less thing to worry about.

Richard Nicol, Amphonic Designs
via e-mail

A great product.

Alex Schubow
via e-mail

Let me express my delight with both SpamSieve and DropDMG. You have immeasurably simplified my life!

Robert Roberts
via e-mail

Glad to see, yet another, update to such a great, and oh so useful, utility. It’s come a long way.

Derren Whiteman
via e-mail

I registered DropDMG after only using it twice, and it remains one of my most useful utilities. Worth every penny, several times over! Keep up the great work.

via e-mail

Thank you for the great program (at the extra-great price)! Keep up the good work. I must just say…Not only did you respond to my technical support request and solve my problem, but it took you all of 10 minutes to do so (I thought I was somewhat unreasonable hoping for a response sometime today)! You rock!

via e-mail

I’m a very happy registered user of DropDMG, I have to say that I use it quite every day (more times a day :-). It’s fast and efficient and I never had a single crash.

Luca Guastalla
via e-mail

Many thanks for creating such a useful software, it’s worth far more than the price you sell it! :-D

via e-mail

Packaging up my game for distribution was a bit of a nuisance during the [uDevGames 2004] contest. It isn’t difficult, of course, but it’s fiddly, so anything which makes it quicker and easier is a good thing. Also, it’s very handy to be able to set the image’s window to auto-open at the flick of a switch. This feature alone guarantees that I’ll be making good use of DropDMG in the future!

via e-mail

The best way I’ve found to add [license agreements] (and to do just about anything with disk images) is with Michael Tsai’s excellent DropDMG.

Eric Albert
via the java-dev mailing list

Far friendlier than Disk Copy and hdiutil, DropDMG provides convenient graphical and scripting interfaces for setting just about every parameter supported for disk images, including the new “Internet-enabled” flag, license agreement text to be displayed during disk mounting, all kinds of image formats, and just about anything else we can think of.

Among my other chores, I maintain a collection of popular Mac OS X Solution CDs for advanced users and administrators. Often, I find myself forced to convert .sit and other distributions to compressed DMG files (my preferred distribution method).

Thankfully, DropDMG allows me to automate this entire process.

Sean Ian Rice
via e-mail

Love it. It’s fun, it’s fast and it’s flexible. It just does what it claims to do, and it does it well and with some style.

user review from VersionTracker

Snazzy DMG tool. Works as advertised and still damn cheap.

user review from VersionTracker

This program saves me a lot of time. If you ever need to create a disk image, for anything, this program makes it so simple. You will even start using images for things you would normally not, like passing files a long to a friend or colleague. Simply drop a folder on the app or app icon and you have an image. Great.

user comment from MacCentral

Why do you want DropDMG when DiskCopy already comes free with OS X? Because DropDMG is both more powerful and easier to use than DiskCopy, that’s why.

I just use DropDMG, which makes it very easy to incorporate license agreements.

Paul Ferguson
via the Cocoa-Dev mailing list

Sold! With the new features and 10.2 naming work-around this really kicks butt. I use it in a cron via AppleScript as well as a drag / drop app. Works well and retains my folder icons and arrangement now. Thanks!

user review from VersionTracker

I just wanted to contact you and let you know what a tremendous application you have provided for OS 10.1.5, which is the current system on my iMac 800 MHz flat panel. Currently I have 768 MB of RAM with too many applications to list: Office X, MacLink Plus 13.002, Virtual PC 5.0.4, and that hard disk hogging iDVD 2, just to name a few.

Your program requires minimal memory and is too easy to operate! It certainly beats Disk Copy 10.1, even if Disk Copy must be used to create a bootable volume such as a CD-ROM. Just one thing I’d like to ask, why aren’t you asking for more than five dollars to register this product? It’s far more valuable than you charge to register but I’m certain that you have your reasons for what you choose to charge.

Thanks again for your tremendous product and I don’t know if it can be improved but I believe that you stated that it would be compatible with OS 10.2 (Jaguar). I look forward to utilizing your product to its fullest and any upgrades if they become necessary.

Bruce West, Nuclear engineer, formerly with U.S. Navy
via e-mail

Congrats on DropDMG, it’s very nice piece of work.

via e-mail

I’ve just recently got a copy of DropDMG from a friend. This is such a cool program that I had to honor your time and effort by registering my own copy. This is just the program I was looking for! I’ve got gigs of files that I need to back up and stuffing them is a pain. I’ve also not figured out how to create successful images with the new Disk Copy. I didn’t want to have to go back to OS 9 to create them, and now I don’t have to. I’ve no need to use any other disk image creating software. DropDMG does it all and more. Keep up the great work.

Maximilian Hernandez
via e-mail

Thank you for this great little app. I almost never find shareware worth keeping, and this is definitely a keeper—and I’ve just registered.

Mike Morton
via e-mail

Saves me a couple hours a week.

user review from VersionTracker

Check out DropDMG, a likable utility to make building disk images even simpler.

Steve Harley
via the MacOSX-talk mailing list

Some Mac users who have moved to OS X miss OS 9’s Encrypt, an often underutilized command, found in the File menu, that allows you to easily password-protect a file. OS X’s Disk Copy lets you create encrypted archives, but using it is a frustrating experience. You must create a new blank image, size the image so it will hold whatever it is you want to encrypt, mount the blank image, copy the stuff you want to encrypt to the mounted image, unmount the image, convert the image so you can choose the Encrypt option, enter and confirm the password, and finally save the dratted thing. Yeesh!

Thankfully, there’s an easier way if you’re running OS X 10.1 or later. That way is Michael Tsai’s DropDMG. Just launch DropDMG, select Preferences from the DropDMG menu, and select Encrypt Images in the resulting window. To create an encrypted image, just place the items you want into a folder, drag that folder onto the DropDMG icon, and enter and confirm a password when you are asked to do so.

Christopher Breen

The ability to segment large disk volumes or folders into burnable pieces makes this a very worthwhile tool. On top of that, there is encryption and/or compression.

user review from MacUpdate

DropDMG kicks ass!

Brian Greenstone, President & CEO, Pangea Software, Inc.
via e-mail

I’ve been a very happy user of DropDMG. Thanks for all your work.

Bruce Horn, creator of the Macintosh Finder
via e-mail

I just purchased DropDMG after trying it for a few days as part of my online backup system onto Amazon S3. What sold me was the Automator support, and the encryption. I made an Automator set using DropDMG, and JetS3t (through the command-line script option in Automator) to securely back up my stuff onto S3. It ran yesterday for the first time flawlessly! Thanks.

via e-mail

Thank you for building this excellent tool—a real time saver. Easily worth twenty dollars.

via e-mail

Works reliably for my simple needs

I use this DropDMG to store a large directory tree (too large to fit on a single DVD) to several DVD disks. DropDMG works very reliably for this. It is easy to use.

The manual that comes with DropDMG is very good.

user review from Mac App Store

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