EagleFiler 1.1

December 6th, 2006 (EagleFiler)
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EagleFiler 1.1 is now available. If you already have EagleFiler installed, the easiest way to update is by choosing Software Update from the EagleFiler menu. This update is free for all EagleFiler users and it includes the following enhancements:

  • EagleFiler will now let you import any kind of document. If it doesn’t know how to display the document, it will simply show the file’s icon, which you can click to open it in another application.
  • When importing via drag and drop, you can now drop onto folders or tags in the source list or into the records list in order to put the imported records into that folder or assign them that tag.
  • Now recognizes many more kinds of text files and text clippings.
  • Can now import individual messages from Entourage via drag and drop.
  • Added Command-< keyboard shortcut for the Import Text service.
  • You can now import by control-clicking on a file in the Finder and choosing Open With ‣ EagleFiler.
  • Added Import Clipboard command to the Dock menu.
  • It is now possible to specify tag names and note text when importing via AppleScript.
  • Can now capture IMAP mailboxes and individual selected messages from Apple Mail.
  • Can now capture from Endo, Firefox, and WebnoteHappy.
  • If you press the capture key when there is no library open or while in an unsupported application, EagleFiler will now try to help you open a library or import the data in another way.
  • Capture scripts can now import tags and notes.
Text and Rich Text Files
  • It’s now possible to edit text, RTF, and RTFD files directly in the record viewer. EagleFiler will automatically save any changes that you make and update the files’ checksums.
  • Creating new rich text files is much smoother. The keyboard shortcut is now Command-N instead of Command-Control-N. If the File column is visible, EagleFiler will bypass the sheet, select the new file in the records list, and bring the File cell into edit mode so that you can set the filename and title. You can then tab into the record viewer to begin typing the contents of the file.
  • You can drag records into the record viewer (or the notes text view) to create links to them.
  • You can now search by tag. You can also add tag criteria when doing an Anywhere or Notes search (e.g. tag:apple steve).
  • Now remembers the last-used search scope (globally and per-window).
  • You can now access the search syntax help page from the toolbar search field menu.
  • Added auto-completion when typing tag names.
  • Added tags field to the bottom of the browser window, so that you can edit the tags of the selected record without having to open another window. You can quickly give the tags field keyboard focus by pressing Command-Shift-T.
  • Tag sources now show all the e-mails with that tag (rather than just the files).
  • Tag sources now behave more like iTunes playlists and iPhoto albums. If you delete a record from a tag source, EagleFiler unassigns the tag, but the record remains in the library.
  • You can now arrange tags into a hierarchy in the source list, to organize them or to hide the ones you don’t want to see at the moment.
  • Added New Tag menu command. If records are selected it changes to New Tag From Selection and the selected records are assigned the new tag.
Browser Windows
  • You can now single-click to edit the Title, From, or File directly, instead of having to open the Inspector window.
  • Added Convert For Editing command, which lets you convert Web archives to RTFD files that can be edited.
  • If you hold down Option when double-clicking a Web archive (or a RTFD file converted from a Web archive), EagleFiler opens the current version of the page rather than the archive.
  • EagleFiler now shows custom icons for folders. You can set a custom icon using the Finder’s Get Info window.
  • Added Show ‣ Source List and Show ‣ Record Viewer commands for people who want to use the menu or keyboard instead of double-clicking the divider.
  • Added Actual Size and Zoom to Fit commands. The PDF viewer now remembers its zoom state, so that it won’t keep resetting to Zoom to Fit if you've zoomed in.
  • Remembers the selected sources between launches.
  • Arrow-keying through the records list is faster now.
  • Added Remember open libraries between launches preference and Startup Items folder.
  • The Drop Pad now has commands for creating a new library, opening a library, and opening recent libraries.
  • The Dock menu now shows recent libraries.
Other Enhancements
  • If you ask EagleFiler to import a URL and the URL can’t be saved as a Web archive (e.g. because it’s an image or PDF), EagleFiler will download the file and import it as-is, rather than reporting an error about not being able to save a Web archive.
  • Now imports MailTags projects as tags.
  • The Zoom In and Zoom Out commands now work with Web archives, where they change the font size.
  • The Copy URL command is now called Copy Record Link.
  • Added Highlight command, which changes the background of the selected text to yellow.
  • Added Outline and Styles… to the Format menu.
  • Dragging a library file onto the Drop Pad now opens the library rather than complaining that the library can’t be imported.
  • Improved the way EagleFiler auto-generates file names when creating a file from dragged text or a Web page’s title.
  • Now skips importing Apple Mail messages that are marked as deleted.
  • Capture scripts are now allowed to use the compiled script format, with the .scpt extension.
  • Folders and mailboxes no longer have a title attribute that’s separate from the file name.
  • When creating a new rich text file inside a sub-folder, it’s now revealed there instead of in the Library source.
  • Indexing is now somewhat faster and uses less memory.
  • Double-clicking a folder now opens it in EagleFiler instead of in the Finder.
  • In the source list, single-clicking now enters edit mode and double-clicking now opens the source.
  • Improved secondary sorting of records list.
  • Increased maximum width of the Kind column.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Select Source and Hide Others.
  • Rich text copied using Copy Record Link now includes the tite of the record, rather than just the URL.
  • Now displays the proper background color for RTF documents.
  • Added Open Source URL, Copy Record Link, and Verify to the contextual menu.
  • The underscore and hyphen characters are now allowed in tag names.
  • You can now drag into the records list of a tag source to assign that tag.
  • Shortened toolbar button labels.
  • The menu commands for Show Inspector and Show Tags now toggle the visibility of the windows rather than showing them.
  • The Software Update checker now works behind an HTTP proxy.
  • The Import Files menu command no longer allows you to import individual files inside an Apple Mail mailbox, as this is usually an error.
  • Moved Open in External Viewer command to the Record menu.
  • Added keyboard shortcut for Open Source URL.
  • Reordered Record menu.
  • Reduced number of threads used on single-core Macs.
  • You can now delete tags from the source list.
Bug Fixes
  • Periods in the names of folders are now treated as part of the name, rather than as the beginning of a path extension.
  • Worked around OS bug that prevented phrase searching from working. Because of this, EagleFiler will automatically rebuild the indexes of any opened libraries.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash when importing large folder hierarchies.
  • When importing a folder, EagleFiler will now ignore any invisible Find By Content index files.
  • Fixed bug importing and moving files with very long names.
  • Fixed bug in .emlx exporter.
  • Fixed bug where EagleFiler couldn’t import a Web page if WebKit crashed while trying to extract its text.
  • Fixed bug with using Capture command in Dock menu.
  • Fixed bug where EagleFiler didn’t let you capture if you launched it by opening a library from the Finder and then switched to another application so that it finished launching in the background.
  • The capture key is now ignored if EagleFiler is frontmost.
  • Fixed spelling and resizing of “Title” label in the New Rich Text File sheet.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when indexing.
  • Fixed bug where an indexing operation could stall indefinitely.
  • If a document or message can’t be indexed, EagleFiler is better at continuing on and indexing the rest of the documents or messages.
  • Better logging of index problems.
  • Fixed bug where indexed searching didn’t work in tag sources.
  • Fixed bug where undo didn’t work after renaming in source list.
  • Fixed bug where the user could use drag and drop to change the page that the Web view was displaying to one other than that of the selected Web archive.
  • Better display of messages with no text parts.
  • Fixed bug where the Recent smart folders didn’t show records that were inside folders.
  • Fixed bug where Web archives couldn’t be displayed, depending on if you had certain preferences set in Safari.
  • Fixed bug where the selection in the notes text view would be needlessly reset when the library changed.
  • Fixed bug that could lead to error when undoing too far in the notes text view.
  • No longer allows you to give a file an empty name (before the extension), as this confuses Cocoa.
  • Fixed bug where the Show Inspector command opened the inspector but didn’t give it keyboard focus.
  • Worked around OS bug that could cause crash when using NetNewsWire Lite.
  • Fixed a few bugs that made it impossible to launch EagleFiler from a path containing non-ASCII characters.
  • Fixed small memory leak when processing errors.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t create a new folder with / in the name.
  • Fixed bug where showed : instead of / when displaying file names.
  • The file system encoding is no longer hard-coded to UTF-8.
  • Improved thread-safety of record properties.
  • When launching, no longer prints “CMSCreateDataProviderOrGetInfo : Invalid colorspace type” message to console.
  • Fixed bug where changes to a file’s name or title weren’t always propagated to the index.
  • Fixed bug where source URLs weren’t being cached properly.
  • Fixed bug opening aliases of libraries.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t create or open a library if its path contained non-ASCII characters.
  • Worked around bug in SOHO Notes (and other applications) that prevented drag-and-drop importing of promised files from working.
  • Fixed bug importing notes from MailTags.
  • Fixed bug where the drag image for a selected source used white text.
  • Fixed bug where displaying an HTML e-mail message would take too long to timeout.
  • Fixed bug in reporting HTML rendering errors.
  • Fixed internal error when closing a library right after opening it.
  • Improved error recovery when an untrusted server certificate is encountered while creating a Web archive.

For more information, please see the EagleFiler Manual.