EagleFiler 1.1.1

December 18th, 2006 (EagleFiler)
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EagleFiler 1.1.1 is now available. If you already have EagleFiler installed, the easiest way to update is by choosing Software Update from the EagleFiler menu. This update includes the following enhancements:

  • When capturing a selection of files from the Finder, Spotlight comments may now be imported as tags or notes.
  • Can now capture from Microsoft Excel.
  • The keyboard shortcut for Import Text is now Command-% instead of Command-<, as the latter conflicted with a system-wide shortcut when using certain keyboard layouts.
  • When creating a rich text record using text dragged from Safari (or, generally, any WebView), EagleFiler will now set the source URL and add it to the bottom of the text.
  • You can now create records by dragging text selections from within EagleFiler to its source list or records list.
  • After you choose Convert For Editing, EagleFiler will now select the newly created RTFD files rather than leaving the original Web archives selected.
  • When pasting the results of Copy Source URL into a rich text view, the clickable text is now the URL itself, rather than the title, and no trailing newline is added.
  • Added source URL to tooltip in records list.
  • Generates better titles from dragged text.
  • If you change the PDF view away from Zoom To Fit, it now remembers the current scale factor.
  • Improved the speed of the initial index check when opening the library.
  • Improved parsing of mbox files.
  • Fixed bug where capturing some URLs didn’t work.
  • Fixed bug where, when opening a new window to display a record, the record wasn’t always selected.
  • Fixed bug where EagleFiler could hang if you tried to edit the title or filename of a record while it was doing something else.
  • Fixed regression where importing via drag and drop from another application sometimes didn’t work.
  • Fixed bug and reduced RAM usage when importing a large number of files/folders at once.
  • Fixed bug where the source list or records list would go into edit mode when you clicked on it and it didn’t already have focus.
  • Fixed bug where a PDF or Web archive would needlessly be scrolled to the first page.
  • Stopping indexing operations by clicking the X button works better now.
  • Indexing no longer hangs if there’s a problem loading a Web archive or if it’s corrupt.
  • Worked around OS bug that prevented some Word documents from being indexed.
  • Fixed bug reporting errors while adding a file to the library.
  • Better error reporting for damaged Web archive files.
  • Fixed bug where tag sources showed messages for mailboxes that were in the trash.
  • Fixed bug where child tags weren’t sorted in the source list.
  • EagleFiler no longer lets you give a tag an empty name.
  • Worked around issue when saving libraries on Leopard.
  • Worked around OS issue that caused EagleFiler to be the default opener for Word files.
  • Worked around some bugs in libraries that EagleFiler uses, which caused errors when importing text via drag and drop.
  • Better error reporting when can’t write a temporary file or save the library.
  • The contextual menu now says Delete instead of Move To Trash, since deleting from a tag source doesn’t move to the trash.