Apple Mail - Discard Spam

Summary: Completely deletes the messages in the Spam mailbox.
Requires: SpamSieve, Apple Mail
Install Location: ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Mail


Running this script from the Scripts menu will completely delete all the messages in the Spam mailbox under “On My Mac” (rather than putting them in the trash, which is what happens when you press the Delete key).

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on run {}
tell application "Mail"
set _messages to messages of my spamMailbox()
my completelyDeleteMessages(_messages)
end tell
end run

on spamMailbox()
set _keys to {"AppleMailTrainSpamName", "AppleMailLocalSpamMailbox"}
set _defaultValues to {"Spam", true}
set {_spamFolderName, _isLocal} to my lookupDefaults(_keys, _defaultValues)
tell application "Mail"
if _isLocal then return mailbox _spamFolderName
set _accounts to accounts
repeat with _account in accounts
return mailbox _spamFolderName of _account
end try
end repeat
error "No spam mailbox named “" & _spamMailboxName & "” found."
end tell
end spamMailbox

on completelyDeleteMessages(_messages)
tell application "Mail"
-- Build up list because "messages of trash mailbox" is very slow; we only want to call it once.
set _messageIDs to {}
repeat with _message in _messages
-- "message id" is not unique, but "id" changes when the message is moved.
copy _message's message id to end of _messageIDs
delete _message
end repeat
set _trashedMessages to messages of trash mailbox -- Includes contents of child mailboxes.
repeat with _trashedMessage in _trashedMessages
if _trashedMessage's message id is in _messageIDs then delete _trashedMessage
on error
-- Sometimes Mail reports an error getting "_trashedMessage's message id", saying it can't find the message.
end try
end repeat
end tell
end completelyDeleteMessages

on lookupDefaults(_keys, _defaultValues)
tell application "SpamSieve"
set _result to {}
repeat with _i from 1 to count of _keys
set _key to item _i of _keys
set _defaultValue to item _i of _defaultValues
set _value to lookup single key _key default value _defaultValue
copy _value to end of _result
end repeat
return _result
on error -- SpamSieve 2.9.15 and earlier
return lookup keys _keys default values _defaultValues
end try
end tell
end lookupDefaults

Last Modified: 2014-08-25

Running the Script

You can use AppleScript Editor (AppleScript Utility prior to Mac OS X 10.6) to enable Mac OS X’s built-in Script menu. Download the compiled script file and install it in the Install Location recommended above, creating any necessary folders. To run the script, just select it from the menu. FastScripts provides a similar menu that supports keyboard shortcuts and other features.