Rules Scripting Sample

Summary: Demonstrates how to control SpamSieve’s rules using AppleScript.
Requires: SpamSieve
Install Location: ~/Library/Scripts/SpamSieve Scripts/
Last Modified: 2020-07-16


This script demonstrates how to control SpamSieve’s blocklist and whitelist using AppleScript.

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tell application "SpamSieve"
-- Prune unused blocklist rules; this will be very slow if there
-- are lots of rules, so you might want to use a "with timeout" block.
-- It would be faster to do this using the the Blocklist window.
tell blocklist
delete (every rule whose hits is 0)
end tell
-- Look up a rule by its text and enable it
tell whitelist
-- there may be more than one rule with this text
set l to every rule whose text to match is ""
set r to item 1 of l
set r's isEnabled to true
end tell
-- Makes a new blocklist rule that matches messages with zip
-- attachments.
tell blocklist
make rule with properties {text to match:".zip", match field:any attachment name, match style:ends with style}
end tell
-- Easily make blocklist rules that match the From address.
tell blocklist
add sender rules for addresses {"", ""}
end tell
end tell