Entourage - Import Whitelist

Summary: Adds addresses in Entourage’s address book to SpamSieve’s whitelist.
Requires: SpamSieve, Entourage
Install Location: ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Script Menu Items/
Last Modified: 2019-10-02


This script finds all the e-mail addresses in the address book of the current Entourage identity and adds whitelist rules for them. This is different from loading the Entourage addresses from SpamSieve’s preferences window, because whitelist entries will be automatically disabled if you receive forged spam messages that use them.

Installation Instructions · Download in Compiled Format · Download in Text Format


tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
with timeout of 60 * 60 seconds
set theAddresses to every email address of every contact
set theGroupAddresses to {}
repeat with theGroup in every group
repeat with theEntry in theGroup's group entries
copy address of content of theEntry to end of theGroupAddresses
end repeat
end repeat
copy theGroupAddresses to end of theAddresses
tell application "SpamSieve"
tell whitelist
add sender rules for addresses theAddresses
end tell
end tell
end timeout
end tell