EagleFiler 1.8.8

June 26th, 2019 (EagleFiler)
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Version 1.8.8 of EagleFiler is now available.

EagleFiler makes organizing and managing your information easy. It lets you archive and search mail, Web pages, PDF files, word processing documents, images, and more. Use it to collect information from a variety of sources. Browse different types of files using a familiar three-pane interface. Organize them into folders and annotate them with tags and notes, or leave everything in one folder and pin-point the information you need using the live search. Since EagleFiler stores its library in Finder format, you can use it in concert with the other tools in your Mac ecosystem.

EagleFiler is a digital filing cabinet, a research assistant, snippet collector, and document organizer. You can use it to write a journal, track all the files for a project or job, manage your bookmarks, save your favorite Web articles, store financial statements and receipts, run a paperless office, plan a trip, collect your course notes, archive your e-mail correspondence, search mailing list archives, research a purchase, remember recipes to cook or books to read, store scientific papers, sort photos, gather legal case notes, or assemble a scrapbook. It’s the most flexible tool on your Mac.

This is a free update that includes the following enhancements:

  • EagleFiler now requires macOS 10.9 or later.
  • When dragging in an attached file from a rich text view (e.g. OmniFocus or TextEdit), EagleFiler now imports the file itself rather than creating an RTFD file with the attached file inside.
  • The Batch Change… window remembers whether you had selected Append or Replace.
  • Added support for indexing more types of files attached to e-mail messages.
  • The keyboard shortcut for the EagleFiler: Import With Options service is now localized for German, so that the Command-Shift-Option-1 combination still works with the different keyboard layout.
  • Pressing the capture key while in Reeder 4 now shows instructions for importing from Reeder to EagleFiler.
  • The How can I put my library on my iPhone? section of the manual notes that EagleFiler works with 1Writer.
  • Added preliminary support for macOS 10.15 (which is now in beta).
  • EagleFiler now plays movie files using AVFoundation instead of QuickTime. This improves performance and offers compatibility with macOS 10.15, however some older files that use 32-bit codecs will no longer be playable. You may be able to use IINA or VLC instead.
  • Worked around a change in macOS 10.15 that prevented EagleFiler browser windows from opening.
  • The software updater now works on macOS 10.15.
  • Brought back the old mailbox icon, as macOS 10.15 no longer has one built-in.
  • Capturing from Apple Mail now works on macOS 10.15.
  • Increased the maximum width of the # column so it doesn’t get truncated for mailboxes with very large numbers of messages.
  • Increased the maximum width of the Size column to prevent truncation with large font sizes.
  • Improved the property descriptions in the AppleScript dictionary.
  • Improved the identification and display of mailbox files that have mailformed headers containing NUL characters.
  • EagleFiler now limits the amount of a text file to index, to avoid running out of RAM and hanging the indexing process if you have a file that’s hundreds of MBs.
  • There’s now a 10-second timeout when accessing the text content of a record via AppleScript to prevent the user interface from hanging if PDFKit gets stuck. This is adjustable via the TextToolScriptTimeout esoteric preference.
  • Worked around an AVFoundation bug could cause internal errors when viewing an old movie file.
  • Improved reporting of Python launch errors.
  • Fixed a bug where a Web archive could open an ad window in Safari.
  • Fixed a regression where the toolbar buttons for creating new records were inappropriately disabled.
  • Fixed a regression where the Mac App Store version of EagleFiler didn’t include the manual.
  • Fixed an internal error when using the Drop Pad.
  • Fixed a bug where importing a message with MailTags tags but no project could result in an empty tag being applied.
  • Fixed a bug importing notes with very long titles from Evernote.
  • Updated to Python 2.7.16 and PyObjC 5.2.

EagleFiler 1.8.8 works with macOS 10.9 through 10.14. Older versions are available for older operating systems. For information about previous releases of EagleFiler, please see the version history.

If you enjoy using EagleFiler, please take a moment to review it on the Mac App Store, Product Hunt, or MacUpdate or to mention it on Twitter, Facebook, or your own site. We’d really appreciate it.

Update (2019-06-26): EagleFiler 1.8.8 has been submitted to the Mac App Store and is awaiting approval from Apple.

Update (2019-06-26): EagleFiler 1.8.8 is now available from the Mac App Store.