EagleFiler 1.5.4

June 23rd, 2011 (EagleFiler)
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EagleFiler 1.5.4 is now available. This is a free update that includes the following enhancements:

  • Added the Import Bookmarks… feature, for importing from Delicious, Pinboard, and browsers such as Safari. EagleFiler will preserve the tags, titles, and descriptions that you’ve set, as well as the original bookmarking date.
  • EagleFiler can now capture from the Cruz Web browser.
  • EagleFiler can now capture the current tab from the NewsRack RSS reader. It saves the selected text in a note.
  • When capturing from NetNewsWire, the selected Web page text is now saved in a note.
  • EagleFiler now works in full screen mode on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
  • When importing from Safari Reader (via drag and drop or the service), EagleFiler can now detect the proper URL for the original page.
  • Made some changes so that Web pages imported as PDFs no longer have duplicate copies of certain dynamic elements such as ads.
  • Importing Web pages as PDFs is faster.
  • You can now type Command-Return (or Enter, as before) to dismiss the Capture with options, Quick entry, and Batch Change… dialogs.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for switching between the tabs in the Capture with options and Quick entry windows.
  • When dragging from the records list or the source list to the Finder, EagleFiler now copies the file by default. You can hold down the Command and Option keys before starting the drag in order to create an alias (the old behavior); this can be useful when assembling a burn folder.
  • Added instructions for importing individual messages from Postbox and Thunderbird.
  • Added the Rename for Dropbox/Windows script.
  • Wrote the Change Rich Text Font script for changing the font across multiple existing RTF or RTFD documents.
  • The Scan for New Files feature now supports the UnscannedFilenames default so that you can set certain filenames that will always be ignored by scans.
  • Pressing Return in the source list now edits the name of the selected item, rather than opening it in a new window.
  • Added the RespectImageDPI esoteric preference, which can be used to improve the display of images that do not have the correct resolution set, thus making them appear way too small.
  • The Reveal in Library button in the Errors window now selects the record in an existing window instead of opening a new one. This makes it much faster to deal with “Missing File” errors. The RevealInLibraryNewWindow esoteric preference is available for those who prefer the old behavior.
  • The viewer pane now displays custom icons for bookmarks, which is useful if you’ve used setWeblocThumb.
  • It is now possible to set the Date Added via AppleScript.
  • It is now possibly to specify the Web page format when importing a URL via AppleScript.
  • EagleFiler now caches file attributes for longer, which should speed up some smart folders and sorting operations.
  • Improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
  • Improved responsiveness when dragging and dropping text into EagleFiler.
  • EagleFiler now allows the colon character in tag names.
  • Improved the display of messages that erroneously declare themselves to be both HTML and plain text by treating them as HTML.
  • It is now possibly to exclude certain filenames and extensions from indexing if this is necessary to work around buggy Spotlight importer plug-ins. This is controlled by the SpotlightImporterSkippedNames and SpotlightImporterSkippedExtensions defaults.
  • If there is a crash while importing a folder from the To Import folder, EagleFiler will now “resume” importing it into the same folder the next time the library is opened. Previous versions would instead import the remaining files into a second folder, leaving you with two partial hierarchies instead of one complete one.
  • Made various improvements to EagleFiler’s error logging.
  • If you try to move a file into a folder that no longer exists, EagleFiler now reports a regular “Missing File” error for the folder, rather than an internal error.
  • Adjusted the help page titles to fit better in the menu and search results.
  • Made an optimization so that menus pull down more quickly. (More work in this area is in progress.)
  • Worked around a WebKit bug that could (in rare cases) cause EagleFiler to save the content of a Web page before it had completely finished loading.
  • When capturing from Apple Mail, EagleFiler now reports a better error when no messages are selected.
  • Fixed a problem where EagleFiler would not detect certain captured messages in a mailbox if Entourage or Outlook had exported them with malformed headers.
  • Fixed a bug where the Close & Lock command sometimes mentioned the name of a library that had already been closed.
  • Fixed a small memory leak when indexing .eml files.
  • Fixed a bug where the EagleFiler: Import With Options service would sometimes import as plain text instead of rich text.
  • Fixed a bug where EagleFiler sometimes didn’t completely close a library after its last window was closed.
  • Made various changes to try to work around a crash that could occur when there’s an error emptying the trash.
  • Fixed a bug where the Info window might not load correctly if it had been open the last time EagleFiler quit and no library was open.
  • Fixed a bug where the browser window was sometimes not brought to the front when re-opening recent libraries.

For information about previous releases of EagleFiler, please see the version history.