EagleFiler 1.3.3

May 20th, 2008 (EagleFiler)
EagleFiler Icon

EagleFiler 1.3.3 is now available. This is a free update that includes the following enhancements:

  • Improved the speed of displaying large numbers of files or messages for the first time.
  • Can now capture from Opera.
  • Added New Rich Text File command to the Dock menu.
  • The Drop Pad is now resizable.
  • Worked around Mac OS X bug that prevented EagleFiler from indexing certain documents for searching.
  • The Capture With Options window no longer suggests the title from the previous capture, since that wasn’t very useful.
  • If a mailbox’s messages are not yet ready for display (because EagleFiler is rebuilding the table of contents), the mailbox name is now shown in gray in the source list.
  • Added placeholder text to the tags bar so that it’s more clear that it’s editable.
  • Expanded the documentation for the Verify command.
  • On Mac OS X 10.4, the viewer pane now shows custom rather than generic icons for files that it doesn’t know how to display. (On Mac OS X 10.5, it continues to use Quick Look.)
  • When searching, EagleFiler now ignores trailing meta characters in the query string, rather than returning no results.
  • The Drop Pad menu command now hides the Drop Pad if it was already visible.
  • Reorganized the Dock menu so that the fixed commands are easier to find with the mouse.
  • Improved error reporting when capturing from a “merged” mailbox in Mail.
  • Adjusted spacing in source list.
  • Added “raised” background style to the label in the tags bar.
  • Skips importing .git folders.
  • Improved error logging.
  • Fixed bug where the Tags palette sometimes showed the tags for the wrong library.
  • Fixed bug where the Tags field in the Batch Change… window didn’t become checked when you started typing tags in it.
  • Fixed bug with text color of non-highlighted text in selected rows of the records list, when it didn’t have keyboard focus.
  • Fixed error resizing the browser window.
  • Fixed importing of Word documents with blank titles.
  • Fixed bug where the command in the Window menu said Activity Viewer instead of Activity.