EagleFiler 1.3

March 11th, 2008 (EagleFiler)
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EagleFiler 1.3 is now available. This is a free update that includes the following enhancements:

  • Added Capture with options command (Option-F1 by default), which lets you set the library, destination folder, tags, and other metadata right when you press the capture key.
  • Added Batch Change… menu command and button in the tags bar. This lets you set the title, from name, label, tags, and notes of the selected records all at once.
  • Now uses Quick Look to display file types that EagleFiler doesn’t natively understand (e.g. Pages, Keynote, OmniGraffle, fonts). This feature requires Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Added Untagged smart folder to the source list.
  • Added Date Created and Tag Names columns to the records list.
  • Added Set Label submenu and contextual menu.
  • Added specialized viewing and indexing support for iCalendar (.ics) and vCard (.vcf) files.
  • Now indexes Skim notes attached to PDF and PDFD files so that you can search for them within EagleFiler.
  • Revised the icons and layout throughout the user interface.
  • Made various optimizations so that EagleFiler is faster and more responsive.
Browser Windows
  • When creating new rich text files or notes, EagleFiler now creates RTF files instead of RTFD ones when possible. RTF files are more compatible and faster. Additionally, when editing files in the viewer, EagleFiler automatically converts between RTF and RTFD depending on whether RTFD is required.
  • When using the Record ‣ Tag command to jump to the tags bar, EagleFiler now moves the insertion point to the end of the tags, rather than selecting all of them.
  • When you create a New Rich Text File within EagleFiler, it’s no longer marked as unread.
  • The Open in External Viewer toolbar button now shows which application will be used to open the file.
  • Added Update Checksum toolbar button.
  • Now shows tag colors in the source list.
  • You can now tab from editing the File column in the records list into the record viewer, which makes creating new RTF files smoother. (Requires Mac OS X 10.5.)
  • When you open a library on a smaller screen than it was previously opened on, EagleFiler now overrides the OS and shrinks the window so that it fits on the screen.
  • Added Select Source to the contextual menu.
  • Added a custom drag image for the records lists.
  • Added ellipsis-truncation to column headers in the records list.
  • Increased the maximum width of the date columns.
  • Holding down Option to skip the confirmation when emptying the trash now works from the contextual menu.
  • When displaying Usenet messages from mbox files, EagleFiler now shows the name of the newsgroup in the To area of the viewer.
  • You can now copy an image file that EagleFiler’s displaying to the clipboard.
  • Now remembers between launches if you’ve set the PDF view to display continuous or facing pages.
  • You can now press Command-Delete to delete the selected record(s) when the viewer has focus.
  • You can now double-click the drag strip to collapse the source list.
  • Increased the font size in the tags bar.
  • If no library is open when you press the capture key, instead of showing an error alert, EagleFiler now opens the Capture with options dialog, which lets you open or create a library to complete the capture.
  • Can now capture from Address Book, Flock 1.0, iCab 4, Keynote, MindManager, Pages, OmniGraffle, and TextMate.
  • Revised the user interface for setting the capture key.
  • While EagleFiler is in the process of capturing (i.e. running the capture script or showing the capture options dialog), it now badges the Dock icon with a picture of a camera.
  • Added |creationDate| and |modificationDate| options for capture scripts.
  • Improved preservation of modification and creation dates when capturing from DEVONthink Pro, MarsEdit, Journler, and Yojimbo.
  • Improved the reliability when capturing from WebnoteHappy, e.g. if it returns invalid tag, note, or title information.
  • EagleFiler now creates the user Capture Scripts folder for you.
  • If EagleFiler is busy when you ask it to close a library, it now stops any existing operations (except when doing so would cause data loss), so you no longer have to wait and/or stop them yourself.
  • When dealing with “Bad Checksum” errors in the Errors window, you can now update the checksums for multiple errors at a time, and after updating a checksum EagleFiler removes the error from the window.
  • Reduced EagleFiler’s RAM use for large libraries.
  • Text dragged from a Web page is now imported as a Web archive instead of an RTFD file. (If you want an RTFD file, you can use the Convert For Editing command.)
  • In addition to checking periodically, EagleFiler now checks the To Import folders when it becomes the active application. This should get new files imported sooner.
  • Now shows a single Growl notification for each batch of files imported, rather than for each individual one.
  • Now shows a progress spinner next to the action menu while EagleFiler is busy importing.
  • Changed the Dock icon indicator that shows when EagleFiler is importing. Instead of a red circle, it now shows a downward pointing arrow.
  • Improved EagleFiler’s recovery when WebKit runs into an internal error while saving a Web archive file.
Info Inspector
  • Added URL field.
  • Enlarged the Title field and Notes text view.
  • Now displays three dates—Created, Added, and Modified—and the creation and modification dates are editable.
  • Fields that are unavailable are now disabled rather than just marked as uneditable.
  • Now shows the search scope beneath the search box so that it’s clear which parts of the records you’re searching.
  • When searching, you can now use OR as a synonym for |, and you can use -word as a synonym for !word.
  • EagleFiler is better at estimating how long indexing will take when some of the records in the library are already indexed.
  • The import command now returns a list of the imported records. This makes it easier to set the properties of the new records. Additionally, import now waits until the records have been imported before returning, so the script knows when the import has finished.
  • The import command now supports a deleting afterwards option, which makes EagleFiler delete the source file after successfully importing it.
  • You can now use the import command outside of a tell library document block; it will then target the frontmost library.
  • The source URL property is now settable.
Bug Fixes
  • The order in the labels pop-up menu now matches the Finder.
  • Now remembers the sorted column of the Tags inspector between launches.
  • Fixed bug where the source URL wasn’t set if you imported a URL of a file that wasn’t a Web page.
  • No longer shows the Rebuild dialog when opening a library if you hold down other modifier keys in addition to Command-Option.
  • If EagleFiler was unable to capture due to a bug in the Finder, the error message now suggests using drag and drop, updating to Mac OS X 10.5, or disabling FileVault.
  • Now preserves the creation date when editing files within EagleFiler and when saving notes.
  • Fixed bug where the Import File(s)… command didn’t let you import items that were next to the library folder.
  • Fixed bug where certain Apple Mail mailboxes (typically those imported from another mail program) weren’t imported as mailboxes.
  • Fixed bug where the Reveal button in the Errors window didn’t work properly for duplicate files that came from the To Import folder.
  • Fixed bug where the Highlight command didn’t work properly when no text was selected.
  • Fixed bug where the Highlight toolbar button in the main browser window would be enabled when editing a note.
  • Fixed bug where EagleFiler would add a uniquing number if you renamed a file/folder to a name that differed only by case (and you were using a case-insensitive filesystem).
  • Worked around a Cocoa bug that could, in rare cases, lead to an infinite loop when saving the library.
  • Fixed bug where some Format ‣ Font menu commands were enabled even though they couldn’t be used because Allow Editing in Record Viewer was unchecked.
  • Fixed bug where toggling Allow Editing In Record Viewer didn’t take effect immediately.
  • Fixed crash involving the tags bar.
  • Fixed bug where capturing just messages from an Apple Mail mailbox with submailboxes would import empty folders for the submailboxes.
  • Fixed bug where newly imported records sometimes didn’t sort properly by modification date.
  • Fixed bug where the Info inspector sometimes didn’t show the correct record.
  • Fixed bug where custom icons on the To Import folder were not preserved.
  • The software updater is better at handling invalid downloads folders.
  • Fixed crash involving the Info inspector.
  • Fixed bug where Edit ‣ Find ‣ Library Search… didn’t bring the window to the front.
  • Fixed bug hiding and showing the source list when running on Mac OS X 10.5.2.
  • Fixed bug checksumming packages containing symlinks.
  • Fixed bug where JavaScript was disabled in the viewer.

For more information, please see the EagleFiler Manual.