Add word auto-completion to your text editor.

Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing
“If you work in a field with complex jargon, take a look at this tool.” 
Macworld (April 2005)

BBAutoComplete adds word auto-completion to scriptable applications. You type the start of a word, press a key, and BBAutoComplete types the letters to complete the word. If BBAutoComplete guessed wrong, you can keep pressing the key to cycle through other possible completions. Other auto-completion utilities need to be taught the abbreviations and expansions that you use; BBAutoComplete avoids this hassle by automatically looking for expansions in the program’s open documents. This means that it always suggests completions that are relevant to your current task.

BBAutoComplete is probably most useful for programmers, who need to remember and type long variable and method names, but it can also help with prose writing and LaTeX. It’s useful any time you need to type long words quickly and accurately.

BBEdit 9 and later have a built-in auto-completion feature, however BBAutoComplete is preferable in some ways: