Import From Instapaper via NetNewsWire

Summary: Imports unread articles from your Instapaper subscription in NetNewsWire.
Requires: Instapaper, NetNewsWire 3
Install Location: ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/NetNewsWire/


Go to your Instapaper in Safari, either the main Unread view or a particular folder. Click the RSS button. (With Safari 6 you would need to install Subscribe to Feed.) This should create a subscription for it in NetNewsWire. When you run this script, EagleFiler will import any unread articles from that subscription. It will then mark them as read in NetNewsWire, so they aren’t re-imported the next time you run the script.

Note: This script requires NetNewsWire 3 because NetNewsWire 4 is not sufficiently AppleScriptable.

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tell application id "com.ranchero.NetNewsWire"
-- Enter your Instapaper feed's URL here. It may be something like:
set _instapaperURL to ""
set _feed to first subscription whose home URL starts with _instapaperURL
-- Or, to import the selected feed (works for any feed, not just Instapaper):
-- set _feed to selectedSubscription
set _headlines to _feed's headlines
repeat with _headline in _headlines
tell _headline
if not isRead then
my importURL(URL)
set isRead to true
end if
end tell
end repeat
end tell

on importURL(_url)
tell application "EagleFiler"
-- To import using the format currently chosen in the preference:
import URLs {_url}
-- You can also specify a particular format:
-- import URLs {_url} Web page format Web archive format
end tell
end importURL

Last Modified: 2014-11-14

Running the Script

You can use Script Editor (a.k.a. AppleScript Editor or AppleScript Utility) to enable Mac OS X’s built-in Script menu. Download the compiled script file and install it in the Install Location recommended above, creating any necessary folders. To run the script, just select it from the menu. FastScripts provides a similar menu that supports keyboard shortcuts and other features.