Saved Settings Droplet

Summary: Saves a collection of DropDMG settings into a droplet.
Requires: DropDMG 3.x
Suggested Key Binding: Save as an AppleScript droplet; use via drag and drop.
Last Modified: 2019-10-02


DropDMG configurations let you create named sets of these options, so that you can quickly switch between your favorite combinations rather than re-entering all the settings each time.

Another way to save a set of DropDMG options is to create an AppleScript droplet. You enter the options that you want into the script and save it as an application. When you drop files onto that application’s icon, DropDMG will create a create a disk image or archive. You can have multiple droplets for different collections of settings and just drag and drop on the one you want, without having to change the selected configuration in DropDMG’s window.

Installation Instructions · Download in Compiled Format · Download in Text Format


on open _files
repeat with _file in _files
tell application "DropDMG"
-- Create a basic compressed disk image using the layout named “Test”
create from file _file format zlib compressed layout name "Test"
-- Create a disk image using the layout named “Test” and using the value “NAME” for the “APP_BASENAME” placeholder in the layout.
create from file _file layout name "Test" APP_BASENAME "NAME"
-- Create a disk image using a configuration set up in DropDMG’s Preferencs window.
create from file _file configuration name "My Configuration"
-- Create an encryped disk image. The passphrase is stored directly in the script, rather than in the keychain.
create from file _file format bzip2 compressed encryption AES 256 passphrase "your passphrase"
-- Create a ZIP archive on the desktop.
create from file _file format zip archive destination (POSIX file "/Users/<username>/Desktop")
end tell
end repeat
end open