Mount Disk Image

Summary: Demonstrates how to mount a disk image using AppleScript.
Requires: DropDMG 3.2.5
Last Modified: 2019-10-02


This script shows how to mount disk images using DropDMG. See also the documentation for the Mount Image… command.

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tell application "DropDMG"
set _file to POSIX file "/Users/<username>/MyFolder"
-- Equivalent to double-clicking the .dmg file in the Finder
mount disk image _file
-- Disable checksum verification to make mounting large disk images faster.
mount disk image _file without verification
-- Disable owners to give yourself access to all the files.
mount disk image _file without file ownership
-- Directly specify passphrase for encrypted disk image.
mount disk image _file passphrase "the passphrase"
-- Use a configuration's stored passphrase (in the keychain). This way your passphrase is never stored in cleartext.
mount disk image _file configuration name "Configuration Name"
-- Mount the image inside the Documents folder instead of as a volume on the desktop.
set _mountLocation to POSIX file "/Users/<username>/Documents/"
mount disk image _file mount location _mountLocation
-- Mount a read-write disk image so that the original .dmg file is not modified; instead, changes are saved to an adjacent shadow file.
mount disk image _file with shadow file
end tell