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6.11   Allow duplicate files in library

Normally EagleFiler will prevent you from importing a file if a file with the same contents (in the data fork) is already in the library. You can check this option if you prefer to import every file, even duplicates. In order for duplicate detection to work, your files’ checksums must be up-to-date. For more information, please read about the Verify and Update Checksum commands.

When you import via Scan for New Files, EagleFiler does not check for duplicates. This is because you have specifically put the files in EagleFiler’s library folder.

To remove duplicates after the files are already in the library, see the Remove Duplicate Files script.

Duplicate URLs

Archived Web pages with the same source URL will generally contain different data, so EagleFiler will not treat them as duplicates. However, there is a script for removing duplicates by URL if that’s what you want to do.

Duplicate E-mail Messages

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