Mac News Junkie Bundle

September 25th, 2007 (EagleFiler)

Get two great Mac applications for feeding your news addiction. Follow your favorite news feeds using Cyndicate from Cynical Peak Software. Cyndicate’s filters, smart folders, and automatic ratings make it easy for you to manage the flow of information and find news items that interest you. Then archive your favorite articles using EagleFiler from C-Command Software. Just press EagleFiler’s capture key (F1) to save the article that you’re reading in Cyndicate into your EagleFiler library. EagleFiler stores the article as a Web archive, preserving all the formatting and links, and it can then be filed, tagged, and searched along with the rest of your documents and mail.

Cyndicate EagleFiler

Cyndicate and EagleFiler normally retail for $29.95 and $40, respectively, but from September 25 through October 1 you can buy both for just $55. Fully-featured demos of both applications are available below.


Cyndicate is a easy-to-use, next-generation, RSS/Atom syndication feed reader that gives you command over your news. Leveraging Mail's familiar interface and ease of use, Cyndicate presents syndicated content with an article centric paradigm. By treating the article as the base unit instead the feed itself, users have more flexibility performing actions around them with finer granularity. This article centric paradigm makes following blogs and web sites via RSS feeds as easy and efficient as reading email.


EagleFiler makes managing your information easy. It lets you archive and search mail, Web pages, PDF files, word processing documents, images, and more. Use it to collect information from a variety of sources. Browse different types of files using a standard three-pane interface. Organize them into folders and annotate them with tags and notes, or leave everything in one folder and pin-point the information you need using the live search. Since EagleFiler stores its library in Finder format, you can use it in concert with the other tools in your Mac ecosystem.