DropDMG 2.7.5

January 25th, 2006 (DropDMG)
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DropDMG 2.7.5 is now available. It includes the following enhancements:

  • DropDMG is now a universal binary.
  • You can now initiate burns using the dropdmg command-line tool.
  • Rather than typing (or copying and pasting) your name and serial number to personalize DropDMG, you can now click the x-dropdmg:// URL that’s sent to you when you purchase DropDMG or get a serial number reminder.
  • Errors encountered while preparing to create an image are no longer reported twice.
  • Mounting errors are now displayed properly.
  • Improved display of keychain errors.
  • Added Danish localization and updated the other localizations.
  • Made various improvements to the manual.