C-Command Store - China



C-Command Software, LLC. 授权 苏州荔枝数码科技有限公司 为大中国区官方合作伙伴,并享有本公司旗下正版软件 EagleFiler 在中国的销售资质。该合作伙伴的商城名为 「数码荔枝正版软件」商城,商城网址为:https://lizhi.io/store



Authorization Certificate

We, C-Command Software, LLC., the developer of EagleFiler, authorizes DIGITALYCHEE TECHNOLOGY CO,LTD as our official partner in China, and it owns the right to sell the copyrighted software of us on their store: https://lizhi.io/store.

Please don't purchase our product(s) from any other unauthorized websites. Customers who purchase from them are not allowed to enjoy the official customer support, including license retrieval, version update, tech assistance.