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7.12.3   How can I copy my training data to another machine?

SpamSieve’s Data Files

SpamSieve stores its training data in the folder:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/

and it stores its preferences in the file:


You should back up both of these. (See the How can I open the Library folder? section for how to access them.)

Moving or Copying SpamSieve to Another Mac (or User Account)

To transfer SpamSieve’s data to another machine, first quit both copies of SpamSieve. Then copy the folder and the preferences file to the corresponding locations on the other machine. For example, you could temporarily copy them from one Mac to iCloud Drive and then from iCloud Drive to the other Mac. Do not keep the live copy of SpamSieve’s data in cloud storage; this will lead to database corruption.

Your SpamSieve license will be transferred when you copy the preferences file. You can also transfer it manually, by looking up your order information.

When copying your SpamSieve setup to a Mac that didn’t previously have SpamSieve installed, you’ll need to put the SpamSieve application file in the Applications folder and do the setup in your mail program, but you can skip the initial training process because of the files that you copied above.

If you are copying the training data because you want to use SpamSieve on both Macs (rather than just moving it from one to the other), please see the SpamSieve and Multiple Macs section.

Restoring From a Backup

  1. Restore the SpamSieve folder and the com.c-command.SpamSieve.plist file that are mentioned above.
  2. Go to the SpamSieve Web site and click the Download button.
  3. Complete the installation steps in the Installing SpamSieve and Using SpamSieve sections, except that you can skip the initial training.
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