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7.1.11   Checking the Postbox Setup

The Setting Up Postbox section describes how to set up Postbox to filter your mail using SpamSieve.

  1. Go to Postbox’s Tools menu and choose Add-ons. The Installed Add-Ons section of the window should show SpamSieve Postbox Plug-in.
  2. Make sure that Do not mark mail as junk if the sender is in… is not checked.
  3. Make sure that Trust junk mail headers set by… is not checked.

To test that the setup works:

  1. When you receive a new message, note its subject.
  2. Click on SpamSieve’s icon in the Dock.
  3. Choose Log from the Window menu.

The setup is correct if there’s a log entry (near the bottom) that says Predicted: Good or Predicted: Spam and shows the subject for the new message.

If you don’t see the expected log entries for new messages, please contact technical support and explain what happened when you followed these instructions.

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