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7.1.5   Checking the GyazMail Setup

  1. Make sure that you have followed the instructions in the Setting Up GyazMail section.
  2. Make sure that the SpamSieve rule is at the top of the list.
  3. If you are using macOS 10.14 or later, make sure that GyazMail has Automation access to control SpamSieve.

To test that the rules work:

  1. Select a spam message in GyazMail.
  2. From the Message menu, choose Junk ‣ Mark as Junk.
  3. Drag the message back to your inbox and select it there.
  4. From the Message menu, choose Apply Rule ‣ All Rules.

If the message moves back to your spam mailbox, the rule worked. SpamSieve will be able to catch other messages like this if it’s properly configured and trained.

Otherwise, there is some other problem with GyazMail or SpamSieve. Please contact technical support and explain what happened when you followed these instructions.

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