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4.6   Apple Mail Customization

The following customizations are optional but recommended:


Choose Mail ‣ Preferences… and click on General. Change the New messages sound to None so that Apple Mail does not play a sound when spam messages arrive. Change New message notifications to Inbox Only (or to a custom smart mailbox that excludes the Junk mailbox). This will prevent Mail from notifying you when you receive new spam messages. SpamSieve will notify you only when you receive new good messages.

Account Aliases

Tell Mail and SpamSieve about your account aliases, as described in the Why do good messages move to the wrong inbox when trained in Apple Mail? section.

Unread Smart Mailbox

If you have an “Unread” smart mailbox, please see the Why do I see spam messages in my “Unread” smart mailbox in Apple Mail? section for how to adjust it.


Sometimes Mail rules will not move messages that were processed immediately after the Mac woke from sleep. If this happens, you will end up with spam messages that are marked as spam but not moved from the inbox to the Junk mailbox. You can work around this problem by quitting Mail before sleeping your Mac or by changing the Energy Saver settings so that your Mac will not to go to sleep automatically.

Additional customizations are described below:

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