Hi, about a year ago, I switched from Mail.app (including the MailTags bundle) to MailMate. So my older emails have MailTags-formatted tags while my newer ones use MailMate style tags. It was initially surprising to me to see that EagleFiler happily imported the MailTags tags but not the MailMate tags. But I guess I understand why: the MailTags tags are stored as custom headers within the message itself, while MailMate uses IMAP keywords.

But I still want my MailMate tags to be imported into EagleFiler! And for bonus points, it'd be great to have the reverse work if I need to re-import that mail from EagleFiler back to MailMate.

Is there any possible way to make this work? I would be willing to investigate scripting and/or MailMate bundle hacking if that's what's needed.