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Thread: Import Entourage Folders in EF

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Tsai View Post
    There are two phases to capturing from Entourage. First, the script talks to Entourage and writes the data to disk (this is what you see with Growl). Second, EagleFiler imports the files from disk (this is what you see in the Activity window). <snip> It’s really up to Entourage and AppleScript what will happen if you move or delete a message while EagleFiler is holding a specifier for it. Probably, Entourage would report an error if EagleFiler hands it a specifier that’s no longer valid, which would cause EagleFiler to abort and display the error, but it might not be easy to detect that via GUI scripting.
    I calculate a delay based on the number of messages in the folder being processed, adding 1 second for each 15 messages. This seems to give enough time for EagleFiler to process the folder before the next "Capture" keystroke occurs. It may take longer than necessary, but it works.

    I keep the Entourage database trim by deleting any messages that have been archived that are older than 2 weeks (unless they are unread or flagged) using another AppleScript within Entourage.

    Next thing I'd like to automate is the merging of mailboxes after an archive run, merging the newly archived messages into their respective folders/mailboxes in EagleFiler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allen of Portland View Post
    Alternatively, I could have the script open each folder in Entourage as it runs, and then (somehow) have the script initiate the "Capture key" action. I can't a way, yet, to emulate the F1 keystroke, although I've tried with System Events "keystroke" command. Is there any way to send the "capture" event to EagleFiler? I don't see that in the scripting dictionary.
    As of EagleFiler 1.5, the scripting dictionary has a command to initiate a capture.

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    Default Capture scripting

    That's great! Actually, since I originally posted this thread, I've switched from Entourage to Apple Mail. I will be working now on a script to automate archiving from Mail to EagleFiler, based on several factors such as date received, flagged status, folder, and possibly Mail Tags. If I ever get it working, I'll send a copy.

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