EagleFiler 1.2.6

October 24th, 2007 (EagleFiler)
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EagleFiler 1.2.6 is now available. This update includes the following changes:

  • Modernized the source list and buttons.
  • Capturing the selected mailboxes/messages from Apple Mail now works when an IMAP path prefix is set.
  • Can now capture from MarsEdit (based on work by Eric Blair).
  • Added support for Skim .pdfd bundles.
  • Tags in the tag bar and inspectors now have contextual menus that let you reveal them in the source list, to see all the records with that tag.
  • Added French and German localizations.
  • There are new AppleScripts for importing from LaunchBar and Quicksilver.
  • You can now modify capture scripts while EagleFiler is open without having to relaunch for it to notice the changes.
  • Improved import speed, particularly when the source volume is slow.
  • You can now cancel an import in the middle of EagleFiler checksumming a file.
  • Fixed bug where capturing from Apple Mail didn’t work on pre-release versions of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
  • Capturing now works with pre-release builds of Camino 1.6.
  • Select Source now preserves the selection in the records list after selecting the container sources.
  • Using the spacebar to toggle tags in the Tags inspector now interacts better with type-selection.
  • The search field now expands and contracts based on the available space in the toolbar.
  • Convert For Editing now preserves the title and allows duplicates.
  • After deleting a record or tag, EagleFiler will now select the next item in the list.
  • Clicking a link to open another EagleFiler record now gives it keyboard focus.
  • Now clears Web views that aren’t in use, saving memory and silencing sounds.
  • Capturing PDF files from Safari now works when the Schubert|it PDF Browser Plugin is installed.
  • Renamed the Library source to Records.
  • Improved capture script error reporting.
  • Metadata files are now invisible by default, and you can prevent them from being created automatically. There are esoteric preferences to control this. Also, EagleFiler avoids writing metadata files to disk if they haven’t changed.
  • After opening a library with EagleFiler 1.2.6, it will no longer be openable in previous versions of EagleFiler. Of course, the files and metadata are still accessible in the Finder.
  • Fixed color of selected tags in inspector.
  • Fixed memory leak with the Activity Viewer window.
  • Fixed progress bar inaccuracy when importing a folder of files.
  • Fixed bug importing .eml files exported from Thunderbird.
  • Fixed bug where certain types of sound files were imported as text.
  • Fixed bug displaying attachment names that used the Big5 character set.
  • Choosing colors is more robust and defaults to the spectrum view.