EagleFiler 1.1.3

January 25th, 2007 (EagleFiler)

EagleFiler 1.1.3 is now available. If you already have EagleFiler installed, the easiest way to update is by choosing Software Update from the EagleFiler menu. This update includes the following enhancements:

  • Can now capture from DEVONagent, DEVONthink Pro (preserving comments), Nisus Writer Express, and Yojimbo (preserving comments and tags).
  • Added Copy Source URL to the contextual menu.
  • Better display of e-mail messages with embedded messages (such as digests and bounced messages).
  • You can now use just plain Tab instead of Control-Tab to tab out of the viewer pane in the browser window when the viewer is a read-only text view.
  • In the records list, you can now type Option-Enter to edit the title of the selected record.
  • If a message attachment doesn’t have a name, EagleFiler will list the content subtype next to the paperclip instead of omitting that attachment.
  • When capturing from Apple Mail with both messages and mailboxes selected, “Mailboxes” is now the default choice.
  • Better error messages when you try to capture a smart mailbox in Apple Mail.
  • EagleFiler cannot import mailboxes from Apple Mail on Mac OS X 10.3 and earlier. Rather than importing the mailboxes as folders, it now reports an error.
  • Can now import more types of text clippings.
  • Spaces in tag names are now converted to underscores instead of being deleted.
  • Fixed error when pressing Enter in the records list.
  • Fixed bug where capturing packages from the Finder didn’t work.
  • Fixed bug where the scroll position and selection in the notes editor would be messed up when switching to another application.
  • Worked around a Web Kit bug that caused it to needlessly fetch archived portions of a Web page over the network, or not display them at all if you were offline.
  • Worked around a Web Kit bug when displaying a Web archive created from a local HTML file.
  • Fixed bug where Reveal In Library sometimes looked in the wrong library.
  • Fixed error undoing in the tags fields.
  • Fixed error using the Highlight command with no selection.
  • EagleFiler’s helper tools don’t use the URL cache, so now they tell Web Kit not to store one.