SpamSieve 2.5

October 30th, 2006 (SpamSieve)
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SpamSieve 2.5 is now available. It is a free update for all SpamSieve users and includes the following enhancements:

  • Made lots of changes to the parser and classifiers to improve accuracy, especially for HTML and image messages.
  • The in-memory corpus representation is much more efficient, which should lead to lower memory use and greater speed.
  • Rewrote the Software Update feature. When a new version is available, it can now show you the release notes. SpamSieve now downloads the new version itself, rather than relying on your browser. On 10.3 and later, the Download & Install button will cause SpamSieve to auto-update itself to the latest version.
  • Improved accuracy on messages containing misspelled words.
  • Now requires Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later.
  • Auto-training now places a higher priority on corpus balance compared to learning from novel messages.
  • Improved the Apple Mail plug-in’s Train as Good script to work around a bug in Mail.
  • Improved the reliability of the Apple Mail training commands.
  • Made further changes to improve the success rate of the Apple Mail plug-in installer.
  • Updated to PCRE 6.7.
  • Entourage training progress messages no longer block if Entourage is in the background.
  • Worked around OS bug that prevented the Statistics sheet from properly parsing dates when the user’s date format started with a two-digit year.
  • No longer quits with an internal error if the mydefaults tool can’t be installed.
  • Added keyboard shortcut for Hide Others.
  • Fixed bug with Purchase window sheet.
  • Removed some old, unused code.
  • Updated the toolbar icons.
  • Various localization and documentation improvements.
  • Fixed bug with display of remaining demo time.
  • The Entourage script installer is more robust when contacting Entourage via AppleScript fails.
  • Improved compatibility with Leopard.
  • The date in the Statistics window more closely matches the user’s preferences (10.4 and later).
  • Better at detecting damaged corpus files (instead of crashing).
  • Fixed bug where Uncertain Spam growls were always sent, even if disabled in SpamSieve’s preferences.
  • Adjusted workaround for Help Viewer bug.
  • Increased the maximum width of the Hits column in rule list windows.
  • Added thousands separators throughout the Statistics, Corpus, and rules windows.
  • Fixed bug where adding a rule didn’t create a new rule if there was already a rule with a blank “Text to Match.”
  • Fixed rare crashing bug when performing operations during idle time.
  • Removed the Import Messages command (which let you train SpamSieve directly from a file in mbox format), because there are now very few situations where it is useful, and it was confusing people.
  • Added screenshot showing where to find Entourage scripts.

For more information, please see the SpamSieve Manual.