SpamSieve 2.4

November 16th, 2005 (SpamSieve)
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SpamSieve 2.4 is now available. It includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Made various changes to the Bayesian engine to improve accuracy.
  • Added some heuristics for detecting phishes.
  • Apple Mail messages can now be filed into different mailboxes based on how spammy they are (requires 10.3 or 10.4).
  • The Apple Mail plug-in is now a Universal Binary, so SpamSieve can be used on Intel-based Macs without running Mail in Rosetta.
  • Added support for the new (non-haiku) Habeas headers.
  • SpamSieve now plays notification sounds using the alert volume rather than the master volume, and they’ll be played on the same output device as alerts and sound effects. (The old behavior is still in effect when playing classic sound files and when running on Jaguar.)
  • Added suppressing notification AppleScript parameter. You can use this to prevent SpamSieve from bouncing its Dock icon or showing Growls when recalculating the spam scores of old messages.
  • The Software Update alert is now a sheet, so it won’t interfere with spam filtering.
  • If Path Finder is running, it will be used instead of the Finder to reveal files/folders.
  • Made various tweaks to keep PowerMates from flashing when they shouldn’t.
  • Adjusted the standard set of rules.
  • You can now tab back and forth between the search field and table in the corpus and rules windows (requires 10.4).
  • Predicted entries in the log now show the message’s sender.
  • Added preference to control whether Apple Mail false positives are marked as unread.
  • Added Technical Support & Feedback item to the Help menu.
  • The Entourage scripts try even harder to avoid creating duplicate categories.
  • SpamSieve now avoids loading the address book except when absolutely necessary. Thus, if your address book is corrupted such that loading it would cause a crash, you’ll still be able to receive mail if you turn off SpamSieve’s address book–related features.
  • Messages with empty senders are no longer considered to be from people in the address book, even if the address book contains a contact with such an address.
  • Fixed longstanding bug in which sorting the blocklist or whitelist by Header or Match Style would group the rules appropriately, but wouldn’t order the groups alphabetically by the localized text in the column.
  • Improved the error messages in the application and in the Apple Mail plug-in.
  • Made a change to prevent Apple Mail from deadlocking (in rare circumstances) when training SpamSieve on Mac OS X 10.4.3.
  • Fixed regression where Trained: (Auto) log entries occurred before the corresponding Predicted ones.
  • The Apple Mail training commands now respect the preference for whether to color messages.
  • Added hidden preference LogSpam that you can turn on with defaults write com.c-command.SpamSieve LogSpam YES to make SpamSieve keep a maildir-style folder of the spam messages it’s seen. Right now, this is not recommended for general use on slower machines.
  • Updated link to Habeas Safelist.
  • Updated eSellerate, PCRE, and SQLite libraries.
  • Added Danish localization and improved the other localizations.
  • Various documentation improvements, including:

For more information, please see the SpamSieve Manual.