SpamSieve 2.1.3

April 13th, 2004 (SpamSieve)
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Version 2.1.3 of SpamSieve is now available.

This is a free update that includes the following changes:

  • Added menu commands for installing the Apple Mail plug-in and scripts, the Eudora plug-in, and the Entourage scripts. These items are now stored inside the SpamSieve application package.
  • Scripts for the other applications are now stored inside the application bundle, not at the root of the disk image. The Show Other Scripts menu command will reveal them in the Finder.
  • Apple Mail and Eudora users should update their plug-ins, using the commands in the SpamSieve menu.
  • Added the score script command, which returns an integer between 0 and 100 indicating how spammy the message is. 50 and higher mean spam.
  • The Predicted lines in SpamSieve’s log now show the scores of the messages.
  • Can now use Eudora’s full 0-to-100 junk score range if you check the appropriate box in the Advanced preferences.
  • Improved parsing of messages with 8-bit transfer data.
  • Faster at processing messages.
  • Added support for Outlook Express 5.
  • Worked around OS bug that could cause SpamSieve to come to the front each time a message was processed in Apple Mail or Eudora (usually if an X11 application was frontmost).
  • Fixed bug where errors encountered while processing messages were not reported in the log.
  • Worked around Cocoa problem where certain notification sounds wouldn’t play.
  • Made the Purchase window easier to understand, and added a button for looking up lost serial numbers.
  • Trims the text in the serial number field so people don’t accidentally paste the number in twice.
  • Software updater is better at checking whether the computer can connect to the Internet.
  • SpamSieve now tries to parse Eudora messages according to RFC822, even though this will sometimes fail, as many Eudora messages are not RFC822-compliant.
  • Adjusted the list of headers that SpamSieve ignores.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Apple Mail scripts.
  • Improved the training tips.
  • Updated to SQLite 2.8.13.
  • Updated to eSellerate SDK 3.5.5.
  • The Send Report button in the crash reporter is no longer a default button, so there’s no longer confusion about entering returns in the comment field.
  • No longer prints fragments of spam messages to the console when it gets confused.
  • Replaced the copy of the manual outside the app with a read-me.

For more information, please see the SpamSieve Manual.