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4.3   Show battery status in the menu bar

With this option enabled, ToothFairy will show a battery gauge next to the device’s icon in the menu bar:

battery status

This can help you see when it’s time to charge the battery, so that it doesn’t run out at an unexpected time.

You can see the precise battery percentage (including separate levels for left and right AirPods) by hovering over the icon to show the tooltip or by Control-clicking the icon to show the menu.

Why don’t I see the battery level?

You should see the battery level for any Bluetooth device supported by macOS. macOS has can read the battery level of popular Bluetooth devices such as AirPods, Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and many common headphones and third-party input devices. Some devices report the battery level in a different way that doesn’t show up in the Bluetooth pane of System Preferences even though iOS (which supports more devices than macOS) may be able to show it. Currently, if macOS doesn’t show the battery level, ToothFairy won’t, either. If you have such a device, please contact us and let us know which device are you using. We may add direct support for popular devices in a future version of ToothFairy.

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