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4.6.6   Using a Spam Mailbox on the Server

Normally the Spam mailbox is kept on your Mac, as this is faster and doesn’t fill up your server account with spam. If you prefer to keep the spam on your mail server (so that it’s available on all your devices), you can:

  1. Go to Mail’s Mailbox menu and choose New Mailbox…. Use the Location pop-up menu to choose your IMAP or Exchange server, and enter Spam in the Name field. Click OK.

    If you are using Gmail, there is already a Spam mailbox on the server. You can use this one instead of creating a new mailbox. If you are using macOS 10.11 or earlier, you will need to enter [Gmail] as the IMAP Path Prefix in the Advanced section of Mail’s Accounts preferences. This will make the Spam mailbox appear at the top level of the account in Mail’s mailbox list.

  2. Open Mail’s preferences and find the SpamSieve rule. Choose the server mailbox that you want to use.

    You can optionally use a separate mailbox for each account. To do this, create one Spam mailbox per account, and then one rule per account, as described in Separate Spam Mailboxes for Each Account.

  3. In Mail’s Message menu, choose SpamSieve - Change Settings. Enter the name of the mailbox created in Step 1. When it asks you, “Should messages marked using “Train as Spam” be stored in a local spam mailbox (rather than on the server)?” click No.

  4. If you had created a Spam mailbox under On My Mac as described in the Setting Up Apple Mail section, it is now longer needed, and you can delete it.

  5. Now both the incoming and trained spam messages will go to the Spam mailbox on the server. If you find a good message in the Spam mailbox and you’re at your Mac, use the SpamSieve - Train as Good command as normal. If you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Webmail, or a different Mac:

    • If you are using the regular SpamSieve setup, do not move the message out of the Spam mailbox. Instead, when you get back to your Mac, select the message and choose SpamSieve - Train as Good.
    • If you are using the drone setup, you can move the message to the TrainGood mailbox. The Mac will automatically train it as good and move it to your inbox.
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