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7.6.4   Turning Off the Gmail Spam Filter

SpamSieve users often find that Gmail’s spam filter is unnecessary because SpamSieve catches more of the spam, and they want to turn off the Gmail filter to prevent any good messages from accidentally being caught. To disable Gmail’s junk mail filter:

  1. If you normally log into in your browser, do that now and then move on to Step 2. If you normally use, you can get to regular Gmail by clicking the 3×3 grid button at the top and then clicking the Gmail icon:

    gmail spam filter inbox to gmail

  2. Click the gear at the top right, choose Settings, then click on Filters and Blocked Addresses.

    gmail spam filter 1

  3. Click Create a new filter. Enter {(to:me) (} in the Has the words field (replacing USERNAME with your actual Gmail username). Click Create filter.

    gmail spam filter 2

  4. Make sure that Never send it to Spam is checked and click Create filter.

    gmail spam filter 3

  1. Your filter should now look like this:

    gmail spam filter 4

  2. If you use multiple variants of your Gmail address, e.g. some with periods and some without, you may need to create an addition filter using the USERNAME for each variant.

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