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6.7.1   Show menu bar icon

Access Key Commands From Your Mail Client

You can train SpamSieve from within Apple Mail or Outlook using the SpamSieve menu bar icon at the top of the screen.

menu bar icon popover

apple mail menus

What If I Don’t See the SpamSieve Menu Bar Icon?

First, make sure that Show menu bar icon is checked. If you still don’t see it, the SpamSieve menu bar icon might not be visible if you have lots of other icons shown or if your Mac has a smaller screen. If there isn’t enough space to show the SpamSieve menu bar icon:

Menu Bar Icon Colors

The SpamSieve menu bar icon changes color while an operation initiated by the menu or a hotkey is in progress (blue when filtering messages, green when training as good, and brown when training as spam).

When the Dock Icon Is Hidden

You can access all of SpamSieve’s menu commands from the menu bar icon if the Dock icon is hidden.

If SpamSieve is hidden from both the menu bar and the Dock, you can still access its settings by opening SpamSieve from your Applications folder when it’s already running.

Menu Not Shown

Due to a macOS bug, clicking the menu bar icon does not show the menu when the Mac has multiple displays, a window on the secondary display is full screen, and you are clicking the menu bar icon on that display. You can work around this by accessing the SpamSieve commands in another way (e.g. via keyboard shortcuts or the menu bar icon on the main display) or by unchecking Show Dock icon in the settings.

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