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4.6.16   Processing Messages Before SpamSieve

Sometimes you may wish to prevent certain messages from being examined by SpamSieve. You can do this by making an Apple Mail rule above the SpamSieve rule that moves the messages to a different mailbox or deletes them.

  1. You may receive messages that are unwanted but not spam, for example if someone you know sends you a certain type of annoying message. You don’t want to see these, but it’s not appropriate to train SpamSieve that they’re spam because they’re from a legitimate sender.

    Solution: Make a Mail rule above the SpamSieve rule that moves these messages to the trash.

  2. The messages may be ambiguously spam. For example, you may run a Web site that sends you an e-mail every time someone fills out a form. The messages themselves are not spam; they are being sent by your own server. But some of the content in the e-mails may be spammy, depending on what the users (or robots) filled into the form. You want to receive all these messages to review them, but you don’t want to train SpamSieve that all the user-generated text is good.

    Solution: Make a Mail rule above the SpamSieve rule that moves these messages to a separate mailbox.

  3. You may have a way of identifying certain messages as definitely spam, and you want Mail to delete them so that you don’t have to see them in your Spam mailbox.

    Solution: Make a Mail rule above the SpamSieve rule that deletes the messages.

    (If you merely want to move the more spammy messages to the trash, see the Spam Message Colors in Apple Mail section.)

Here’s an example of how to create a rule for #3:

  1. Choose Preferences… from the Mail menu and click the Rules button in the toolbar.

  2. Click the Add Rule button.

  3. Change the description to Delete Spam.

  4. Say that you want to block messages from certain e-mail addresses. The rule conditions already say From contains. Enter the first address to block in the text field to the right of contains.

  5. For each additional address, click the + button and enter the address in the new From contains condition.

  6. At the bottom of the sheet, change Move Message to say Delete Message. The rule should now look like:

    apple mail delete spam

  7. Now click OK to close the rule and save your changes. Mail may ask if you want to apply the rule; click Don’t Apply.

  8. Drag the Delete Spam rule to the top of the list, above the SpamSieve rule.

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