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If you see the SpamSieve commands in Mail’s Message menu, that means its plug-in has loaded. In rare cases, SpamSieve may think that the plug-in has not loaded, and ask you to enable it, even though it was actually working properly. For example, this can happen if SpamSieve lacks access to communicate with the plug-in or if Mail takes a very long time to launch.

First, make sure that SpamSieve has Full Disk Access.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, please:

  1. Click this link to enable some additional debug logging.
  2. If Mail takes a long time to launch, please use Activity Monitor to record a few samples of it while it’s launching. There are also some tips for how to speed up Mail if it is launching slowly.
  3. The next time SpamSieve incorrectly reports that the plug-in has not loaded, please save a diagnostic report and send it in (along with the sample logs) so that we can investigate what is going wrong on your Mac.
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