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4.5.7   Filtering Spam During Power Nap

Keeping Your Mac Awake

In order for SpamSieve to filter your mail immediately, your Mac needs to be awake with the mail program running. Otherwise, there will be delays for iPhone spam filtering and for remote training using the drone setup. To prevent your Mac from going to sleep:

Note that even though the Mac itself is awake, you can still save energy by setting the display and hard disks to sleep.

Enabling Power Nap

It’s also possible for SpamSieve to filter mail, once per hour, while your Mac is asleep, using macOS’s Power Nap feature. To enable Power Nap:

In order for Power Nap to work, the Mac needs to be connected to the Internet, and Apple Mail needs to be running before you put the Mac to sleep. (Power Nap does not support other mail clients, nor the Filter spam messages in other mailboxes feature.) macOS will suspend Power Nap operations in situations where your Mac is likely to overheat. When everything is set up as described above, Mail will check for new messages and filter them through SpamSieve once per hour.

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