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7.11   Does SpamSieve prevent me from receiving messages?

Spam Messages

SpamSieve does not prevent spammers from sending you spam. This is not possible to do. However, since SpamSieve protects you from viewing the spam that you do receive, the spammers will not see their messages get through, so they are less likely to send you more.

SpamSieve also does not block spam messages from being received by your Mac. This would be dangerous because if it made a mistake (no filter can be perfect) you could completely miss a good message.

Instead, what SpamSieve does is make sure that incoming spam messages end up in your spam mailbox rather than your inbox. No messages are deleted without your knowledge, so you always have the opportunity to review them.

You can optionally configure SpamSieve so that messages from known spam senders go directly to the trash rather than to the spam mailbox.

Good Messages

SpamSieve is designed with safety in mind so that, even if there is a bug in SpamSieve, it will never prevent you from receiving good messages or damage your local mail store. This follows directly from how SpamSieve works:


If you are missing e-mail messages or seem to not be receiving them, here are some things to check:

  1. Because of the design described above, it is impossible for SpamSieve to cause you to lose messages or to interfere with the connection between your mail client and mail server. That said, people sometimes want to “know for sure” that SpamSieve is not the cause of the problem. You can see this by following the instructions in the Uninstalling SpamSieve section to temporarily disable SpamSieve or completely remove it.
  2. Sometimes Mail loses track of messages when moving them from a server mailbox to a local mailbox. You can work around this by Setting the Junk Mailbox in Apple Mail.
  3. Use Web mail or a mail client on another computer or device to check the contents of your various mailboxes. If the messages show up there but not on your main Mac, you may need to rebuild your local mail database.
  4. Make sure that you have not created any rules on your mail server, on your mail client, or on another computer that delete messages or move them to the spam mailbox or trash. For example, a rule on one Mac that moves a message to a local mailbox will make it disappear from other computers that access the same mail account.
  5. Make sure that a junk filter on your mail server is not moving or deleting messages before you see them.
  6. Make sure that anti-virus software is not interfering. For example, if you are using Avast Mac Security, make sure that Settings ‣ Mail Shield Settings ‣ Scan secured connections is unchecked. This can cause hangs when Apple Mail is receiving messages.
  7. Try disabling other Mail plug-ins and see if that makes a difference.
  8. Check SpamSieve’s log to see whether there are Predicted entries for the missing messages. If so, this means that the messages went missing after they were downloaded to the inbox on your Mac. If not, this means that the messages never made it to your Mac.
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